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Surprising Insights About Male Chastity Devices

So, after a lot of thinking and discussions about it with your partner, you have finally decided on the ultimate pleasure-giving-device (drum roll please): a male chastity device (OhMy…)

Now, the most common concern guys have: is it painful? And the most common answer I always give them is: it's more strange and different than painful (or at least that's what I've been told wink*)

First, what you should know is that a male chastity device means an added weight to your penis, in addition to the penis being a little pulled down. These unusual sensations will improve the overall physical experience of an erection; besides of the emotional component, because the chastity device will remind you constantly of your mistress and the fact you have temporally relinquished your orgasms and pleasure to the hands of someone else. And boy is it fun

As I said before, this devices are not painful, but they do take a while in order to feel comfortable, as is the case with an infinite amount of devices, techniques and acts, wink*, but once you get there, you'll see how worth it was. Your body needs some time to get used it and while it gets there, the most common uneasiness is around the scrotum, right where the cock ring sits. And here lies the importance of using a good lubricant, to reduce the discomfort and irritation. It is also necessary you make the right adjustments with the ring and spacers; remember a new device is well, new, so you should make the alterations needed to fit you and your body perfectly for the best possible experience.

Regarding this, a change you'll probably experience has to do with sleeping, especially if you're prone to nocturnal erections. If you are a stomach sleeper, you'll definitely want to position yourself different, either on your side or on your back. I should warn you, sleeping the first weeks with an erection might be a little more than uncomfortable because it takes time and practice to get used to.Oh! And remember to get to bed with an empty bladder, trust me. Just remember, if it gets too hard (ha haha wink*), you can always take it off and try again the next day. If you tried several times but find sleeping with the device too uncomfortable, discuss it with your mistress; a chastity device should bring pleasure to both parties, not discomfort. The other things to keep in mind are sitting down and urination. Like I said before, sitting down takes time to get familiar with. And since we are talking sitting, most men will say urination while sitting is better; peeing standing up takes a great amount of practice and that is easily solved by urinating seated.

The cage usually feels as if its gently stroking the penis (and I don't think I need to tell you how much arousing this feels, but I will: sensation overload, we're talking ba bah boom levels) and when the penis is starting to get erect, it will feel a little like erotic pain. You also have to keep in mind you are denying the penis of its complete sensations and you won't be able to relieve the tension, adding even more to the experience. And this is definitely a good thing…Why? Well, I'm glad you asked dear and curious reader. The answer is very simply: added sensations. In order to cope with this terrible distress, you have to force other parts of the body to become...Mmm, aroused.This is the perfect opportunity to try and stimulate other parts of the body, like the balls, back of the knees, ears, anus, neck, lower back, nipples, etc. This way you'll learn different ways to pleasure the body and you may surprise yourself having orgasms from stimulations you didn't thought possible. Basically every part of the body comes to the show, so get ready to play and get imaginative (did I mention this is my favourite task? wink*)

You have to keep in mind that scientifically speaking a chastity device will not "prevent" erections. What they do is to gently restrict them, assuming the cage is fitted perfectly for the penis, the erection will push the device away from the body and the base of the penis will be located out of the cock cage.

And last but not least, another thing to keep in mind when wearing a male chastity device is the room in your pants. You may find you need more spacious pants in order to fit the device comfortably because you'll probably have to adjust your penis and cage often and you should do this securely. And since we are talking pants, we have to discuss underwear. Some styles will give you more space and support than others. If I may suggest a tip I've heard, some men find women's underwear more confortable when wearing a chastity device. And no, I will not reveal my source, a lady does not kiss and tell wink*

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