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How to Find the Right Male Chastity for You!

The world of male chastities is as vast and diverse as sexual preferences and tastes… Basically, they are infinite. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but my point is there are a lot of varieties to choose from, and if I may say, it's great! In my case, the more the merrier wink*, but if you are not sure about what to choose, here's a list of the most common considerations when it comes to male chastities:

  • The CB assortments are usually recommended for beginners. The reason for this is very simple: they are the easiest to put on. The other reason is that most come (he he) with various spacers and different rings, perfect for choosing the best fit for each penis and man; the most important thing to remember is the size of the flaccid penis when you are deciding on a size. These models are often the least noticeable underneath pants and some men consider them the most comfortable. But you know what they say, "in options and colors, nothing has been written" wink*
  • A great variety of models are made of silicon. They often come with multiples rings and these rings are easily adjustable in size, perfect for beginners. In case you get the wrong size, some models even allow the separate purchase of different sized rings to solve the problem. On the other hand, some men with higher ball sacs have reported some trouble with this material; if you don't have sufficient loose space in your scrotum, chances are it will be a little hard (wink*) to put on.
    • One thing to keep in mind, silicon models are not very adjustable except for the possible adaptable rings they bring or the ones you can get later on. The CB models are more adjustable. You can start with the smallest ring you can fit into and then go up on sizes from there. Rings that are too tight will irritate the scrotum and the rings too loose will be twisting all over the place. When it comes to spacing, make it tight at first (about 1/8 inches) and observe the balls for any changes in color or coldness. If you do find either, take it off and try a looser spacer. If you use a spacer that's too loose the testicles may tug upwards resulting in a painful experience (trust me, I've seen it!). In case you feel pinching underneath the testicles, stretch the skin to get rid of any folds and check if the ring is too small. If you have a higher or tighter sac, make sure it hangs a little bellow the ring and cage segment; you can also wear straps at the top of the sac in order to stretch it progressively.
    • Cockrings are another variety of chastities. They keep the penis hard in order to increase pleasure. They are made of synthetic materials, as well as metal or even wood. Simpler models are made of a rubber ring that fits around the balls and base of the shaft. Another variety fits that same way except they are a heavy circle made of metal. Certain cockrings have many straps that wrap the penis and ball sac, while another strap separates the testicles and a circle encloses the base of the penis; some cockrings are even made to increase the pleasure of the woman during intercourse.
    • The most common advice when wearing a cockring is the next one: don't use it for more than 30 minutes. Although some men find wearing one longer without problems, it's better to be safe than sorry. The most common problem one can experience with a cockring is the restriction of blood flow from the penis, which makes it flaccid once more.
    • Most male chastities are not noticeable under clothing, but wearing tight pants while you are wearing them is not advised. Like I said, most of the CB variety are the most inconspicuous, but some men find the silicon models more discreet because of the flexible material in combination with tight underclothing or panties (a lot of guys find female underwear more comfortable when they are wearing chastity devices); the same with models that have more curve in them, they can be less obvious underneath. In general, the bulge is quite unnoticeable if you wear loose clothing, and if someone notices it, they will likely think it's just a regular bulge. Not that people are looking at your crotch all day…Well, some people…wink*.
    • The time of adjustment to the device will be different with every man. At first a little uncomfortableness is expected while the body gets used to it. Just make sure of achieving the perfect fit and all will be all right. After a couple hours and/or days, the device will start to feel very natural and you can even forget it is there.
    • Oh and here's something ladies will appreciate: guys, make sure the urator slot is perfectly aligned and the penis has to fill the tube to the end. In case it is not, it will create a mess and us ladies will definitely not be pleased. If you want to be extra careful, just pee sitting down in the toilet =)
    • Especially at first, you can expect some nocturnal erections and they might be a little hurtful. If you wake up in this mmm…position, its best to remove it for the night and try again the next day. After a while your body will get used to and the nocturnal erections are likely to stop.
    • When you have a new device, the caution is always to start slow and in this case is no different. If you want to wear you chastity for weeks or months, it is best to start with a smaller amount of time. Start increasing the amount gradually and remove it if it starts to get too painful. Another thing to consider is prostate health. You will want to drain it at least once a week to prevent any health issues; if you don't want to ejaculate, you can always massage the prostate in order for the liquids to drain.
    • While technically you can't experience an erection with a chastity device, your body will still try to produce one. The pressure in the device will make the erection deflate, in other words you will be turned on but not hard; when you are sleeping this changes because you may get harder. In case the pressure causes a rupture in the device, gently remove it and get another one.

    Hygiene is very important, so you should make sure to clean it very well. You can wash it with water and soap, although I recommend taking it off every few days in order to give it a very thoroughly clean. In order to be extra careful, make sure you clean it every time you pee in case there is some build up in the device. And remember, if you don't want your man touching himself, you can always tie his hands while you the cleansing is taking place, wink*. Keep in mind the device should not be moist, so after cleaning up, you should dry it very well (a blow dryer is perfect!)

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