8 Reasons Why You Should Try Prostate Massages

Prostate massages haven been around for a very long time, but luckily for us, in recent times they have gained more popularity. No matter the man’s sexual preference, every time there’s more and more men who are doing these massages on regular bases. Now, join me as I mention some of the reasons why you (or your partner!) should get on the prostate massage bandwagon wink*:

  • Several men have reported a prostate massage gave them the best orgasm of their lives. If you are adamant about trying them because you think it will hurt or will feel uncomfortable, I have to say a prostate massage definitely shouldn’t hurt. Actually, it’s the opposite of that wink*.
  • In some Asian countries, prostate massages are considered a great way of enhancing sexual performance. Throughout history, men hired medical professionals or made their wives and mistresses do prostate massages to ensure they could perform well in bed. Now, that may not be scientifically proven but it is a common and ancient belief, so maybe there’s some truth to it?
  • A lot of doctors are recommending prostate massages as a preventive health practice. Some studies have shown men who regularly get them have lower rates of prostate cancer.
  • Regularly massaging the prostate helps to eliminate the excess of prostatic fluid that builds up in the prostate gland ducts. When those ducts are not emptied, the prostate can get inflamed, leading to a disorder called prostatitis (and yes, it is as painful as it sounds)
  • In that train of thought, it also helps with the avoidance of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (yes, it has a abbreviation: BPH). And because I know you are asking yourself, wink* BPH is an enlarged prostate. That can cause problems urinating and bladder infections (also, not pretty)
  • It also increases the blood flow and circulation of the prostate. This aids the prostate gland produce the fluid that will combine with the semen when a man ejaculates. And that is important because it can help with impotence sometimes.
  • Speaking of ejaculation, it also helps with the intensity of that activity. This will actually heighten the orgasm and sexual experience. And since we are at it, it can also help reducing painful ejaculations as well.
  • Now, a prostate massage can be external or internal. One choice can be to stimulate the prostate trough the perineum (between the anus and testes) when a man is aroused. This will make them come harder and faster because it’s a very sensitive and erogenous area. Or you could use a toy specifically designed for this; prostate massages come in different shapes and even sizes, so don’t get intimidated if you are a beginner. If you don’t want to aid yourself with a toy, a set of fingers will be all you need. Just make sure to practice good hygiene and to learn how to perform a good prostate massage.

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