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How to do Male Prostate Play for the Most Intense Orgasms

It might come as a surprise to many but men are into anal sex just as much as women are. But, many men are afraid to explore. All he needs is a little encouragement! You can use anal play to give him an extra level of pleasure. It would be a good idea to discuss your man’s sexual preferences when it comes to anal pleasure as details can make all the difference. You can do a little exploring, too! Try technique on yourself, and then try it on him. Check out the following tips to guide you towards satisfying your partner’s deepest anal pleasures!

1. Test the waters

The next time you give your lover oral sex try to move your hands towards his rear end and play around there to see how he reacts. If his reaction is good, then go ahead and maybe try to slide your finger gently inside. When you do, pay attention to his body language and any other sign to indicate he is pleased with what you are doing. Rest assured you will be able to tell right away how much sexual pleasure he is experiencing, as he would not be able to fake his reaction. Consider yourself an explorer when doing this so don’t focus the entire sexual encounter only on their anal pleasure. Once you have introduced some anal action into your regular sex scene then you will be able to figure out where your lover stands when it comes to such sexual acts. Once you know they like it then the real fun begins!

2. Big is not always better!

Each guy is different when it comes to anal preferences. So it is a good thing the market nowadays offers a variety of sex toys in all sizes and shapes. You can use a dildo made of silicone or glass to give your lover amazing sexual pleasure. However, before you shop for one, it is a good idea to talk to your partner to see where they stand on using sex toys and what their fantasies are. Bear in mind, bigger is not always better in particular when you are in the early stages of the anal game. Talking about it can also help eliminate any inhibitions remaining between the two of you. This allows both of you to express your sexuality with each other freely to reach even more intense orgasms.

Do you want to give him greater pleasure, then how about trying a prostate stimulator? No doubt, it will help him discover new ways of reaching sexual satisfaction.

3. Use lube!

If you are into extreme sex games then using lube is a good idea to maintain a balance between pleasure and pain. You can find a variety of lubricants sold on the market to use with sex toys and games. These also come in a variety of flavours. Some even have a warming effect once you apply it on your skin. Lube works best with big sex toys. When you want to dominate your lover in areas where natural lubrication is lacking such as anal sex then you will need lube. Thus, you and your partner are certain to enjoy because of it. To make the encounter more interesting, tie your lover down in a form of bondage using a rope so you can be in control of the entire sex scene. Men don’t admit it but they like to be dominated this way in bed. Some would even be glad to be your sissy if you know how to explore their sexual preferences to benefit both of you.

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