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Your Ultimate Guides to Prostate Pleasure

More Sex for a Healthy Prostate
Men tend to develop prostate cancer or prostate diseases later in their life and some of these conditions can be extremely serious. Among many treatments and medical conditions that can help to improve a prostate disease, your sexual life can have a great positive impact on your health as well!
Fetishes that Go Great with Prostate Stimulators
If you are into bondagesex scenes you know that ropeand tapeis not all it takes to reach the sexual stimulation you most likely want to achieve. Guys might like anal stimulation a lot as well and unlike girls, they have more options to satisfy that pleasure than just using butt plugs and dildos.
How to do Male Prostate Play for the Most Intense Orgasms
It might come as a surprise to many but men are into anal sex just as much as women are. Try technique on yourself, and then try it on him. Check out the following tips to guide you towards satisfying your partner’s deepest anal pleasures!
Best Ways to Achieve Stronger Prostate Orgasms
Prostate stimulation is a great way to experiment new types of pleasure you haven’t gotten before. Like they say, you haven’t lived till you’ve had a prostate orgasm…what? Am I the only one who has ever heard that one? Wink*.
Benefits of Practicing Kegel Exercises for Men
Kegel exercises are a great way to improve your pelvis muscle’s strength. You’ve probably heard a million times why women should practice them and how it can bring better orgasms and overall better sexual health.
Prostate FAQ
The prostate is much like a woman’s g-spot and it’s just as powerful when it comes to producing an orgasm. The prostate is found inside the anal canal and it’s primary function is to aid in reproduction. It does this by secreting a fluid into semen before ejaculation occurs, helping with sperm mobility and prolonging the life of the sperm once it leaves the penis. That’s not all it can do, though, as you’ll find out.
8 Reasons Why You Should Try Prostate Massages
Prostate massages haven been around for a very long time, but luckily for us, in recent times they have gained more popularity. No matter the man’s sexual preference, every time there’s more and more men who are doing these massages on regular bases.
What to Expect from Male Prostate Massages
Prostate massages can be something that may sound scary. But like most things, it’s only scary because it can be something unknown, especially to a lot of men. The good thing is a little information can easily remedy this and you can start to reap the benefits of this a soon as possible.
Tips to a Happy Prostate for Better Health & Sex
The prostate. That old men’s mystery that still remains something a bit unknown to a lot of people. But as the old saying goes, they key to maintaining good prostrate health is to inform yourself (I can’t be the only one who has heard of this, right?) so let’s get to some informing.
Best Prostate Milking Tips for Male Orgasms
If you have been reading long enough, chances are you are already aware of all the benefits of a regular milking regime for the prostate. Besides achieving completely powerful and different ejaculation orgasms, the health benefits of a good prostate massage have been long proven.
Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Prostate Massager
G-spot, G-spot, G-spot… Sometimes it seems the only thing everyone talks about is the most erogenous area for a woman. But what about men, I hear you ask? Well, fret no more, because the prostate is the male equivalent to that zone and it can be easily stimulated throughout the anus.
Guide to Fetish Related Prostate Health
Seems a little off to include the words fetish and health in the same sentence. After all, is there anything about a fetish that can be good for your health? The answer is that there is. Because one fetish that people enjoy is prostate stimulation, milking and massaging.

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