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More Sex for a Healthy Prostate

Men tend to develop prostate cancer or prostate diseases later in their life and some of these conditions can be extremely serious. Among many treatments and medical conditions that can help to improve a prostate disease, your sexual life can have a great positive impact on your health as well! A good sex life will not only improve your intimate relationship with your partner and help you have a healthy and happy connection with them for the long run, but it will also affect your life in so many other ways!

1. 21 ejaculation a month can keep prostate cancer away

Yes, studies actually discovered an optimum number of sexual experiences that you should have each month to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. And 21 is your sexual blackjack! While this is the minimum number of orgasms you should have, there is no maximum so have an intense and exciting sexual experience as often as you can. This works for both sexual intercourse with your partner and masturbation sessions. You can enjoy your butt plug, electro-stimulating toys or other masturbators when your partner is not around but make sure to not neglect your sexual satisfaction for a chance to have a healthier life!

2. Use prostate stimulators to give yourself some pleasure

The market offers you a variety of sex toys and accessories and you will never get bored again when you engage in some intense sexual stimulation! Prostate stimulators are highly exciting and more men appreciate them every year. The became fast some of the most popular sex toys among guys of all ages and sexual orientations. These toys can be enjoyed during masturbation sessions or they can be incorporated in complex sex scenes that will give you even more exciting and intense orgasms. Most prostate stimulators are made of a pleasant silicone material and they can reach deep enough to give you some intense sexual satisfaction. If you are familiar with anal sex and enjoy it, you will find these toys very exciting to use!

3. Develop fetishes based on your kinky imagination

There is never a bad time to try out a new fetish alone or with your partner. And there are so many that you can enjoy nowadays that you will find it hard to stick with the traditional sexual satisfaction that you might be used to enjoy! Talk with your partner and see what kind of sexual fantasies they have too because they might be into some really hot stuff that both of you can enjoy together. When you want to keep prostate cancer away, is important not just to have a sexual orgasm every now and then but also to have an intense one. Some orgasms can be temporary and not last long which means in less than one hour you might want to do it all over again because your body is not satisfied enough. However, new fetishes and intense sex play gives you a new kind of orgasm that will completely drain you of energy and probably put you into an intense state of sleep, which can be very healthy for your and really stimulate your body the way you need it!

So, for your own sake and benefit, do your best to keep an open mind when it comes to your sexual experiences! Try to stay informed about the new trend son the market and keep a high sexual interest in your partner and personal pleasure. Avoiding prostate cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start counting your number of orgasms that you enjoy each month. But keep in mind to have a regular and healthy sex life spiced up with interesting sex toys and new fetishes! This will give you a lot of satisfaction and self confidence, besides the reduced prostate cancer risk. And your partner will be more than happy to join you in your sexual adventures!

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