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Fetishes that Go Great with Prostate Stimulators

If you are into bondage sex scenes you know that rope and tape is not all it takes to reach the sexual stimulation you most likely want to achieve. Guys might like anal stimulation a lot as well and unlike girls, they have more options to satisfy that pleasure than just using butt plugs and dildos. This type of stimulation can be a lot more interesting if you are using a prostate stimulator to reach the type of sexual pleasure that you want. Stimulating a man’s prostate can be one of the most intense sexual practices to do and you will love to see the pleasure both of you have during such a sex scene. But like any other sexual stimulating act, you should incorporate it into a certain sex scene and scenario in order to make the most out of it. So, here are the best sexual fetishes and fantasies that you can engage in when you want to add a prostate stimulator to the experience!

1. Discipline scenes of a male slave

If you are a dominant or a mistress and you have a male submissive partner, consider yourself lucky. There are so many exciting ways to dominate your male slave that you will never get bored of it. And you should definitely have them wear a prostate stimulator every now and then. As a matter of fact, your slave should wear such a sex toy when you are trying to discipline them. Use some impact play toys and spank them or whip them with your favourite tools while they are stimulated by the prostate stimulator. People say that a man’s prostate can generate the same amount of sexual stimulation or energy as a woman’s G point. And if that is true, you should definitely make the best out of it. There is nothing better than to discipline and sexually stimulate you male slave at the same time! They will be more than thankful for such an unique sexual experience and they will beg you to repeat it as many times as possible in the future.

2. Punishment of a male slave

If you are more into punishing your male slave, the prostate stimulator can be used in such circumstances as well. Even if such a device will give you love pleasure more than the pain a punishment session should bring them, the other sexual activities you combine it with can make all the difference. Punish your slave to wear a prostate stimulator as you are verbally humiliating them. Or try to have them wear some nipple clamps or electro stimulating devices in order to see what their limits are. The greatest punishment within the BDSM community is to over stimulate your partner and have them experience several orgasms that they can’t control. The lack of control one’s orgasms can be very intense and exhausting while they bring the right type of pleasure for both of you at the same time.

3. Intercourse

It can also be extremely intense to wear a prostate stimulator as you are having intercourse with your lover. This is the type of sex scene that can take place even between couples that are not BDSM enthusiasts. So, you will not have to be the master of your lover or the other way around to enjoy such an intense sexual encounter. For guys, having double stimulation can be as intense as for girls if they find the right toys and accessories to use during their intimate moments. And a prostate stimulator does exactly that! It adds extra stimulation for a man and empowers their sexual performance as well. So, it is definitely something that you should try because you might just discover a new favourite fetish to indulge in along with your lover. You can even do that when you engage in a threesome sex scene and discover that you will be excited for a longer time if you are wearing a prostate stimulator. Use your imagination and make the most out of such a sex toy during intercourse because you might just get a lot better results than you expected. And you will not be the only one enjoying it because by staying excited a longer time, you offer more pleasure to your partner as well!

You will discover even more types of fetishes by simply using your imagination when you get intimate with your lover. Forget about your limits and inhibitions as you are discovering new ways to explore your sexuality. And you will notice that your lover will be more than happy to play along with it so you will not have to worry about not creating the right type of sex scenes for both of you to enjoy.

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