Best Straightjackets For Your Fetishes

If you are into straightjackets and you enjoy complex sex scenes with your lover, you will be happy to find out that there are plenty of fetishes and fantasies to use such outfits on. You can use your imagination and creative skills to discover your own fetishes and fantasies as well so there is no need to refrain yourself from trying new things when you or your partner are wearing a straightjacket. However, if you are new to this type of sex scenes, you might not find it as natural as you wish to discover new sexual activities that you can enjoy while wearing such an outfit. If your lover is the submissive one wearing the jacket, you might have to direct the entire action so you should always have ideas and be ready to spice things up as you need. As a first hint, you can always try any type of bondage while there is a straightjacket involved because it is the perfect type of sex scene you can set up. But if you are not feeling very inspired, here are a few interesting ideas to apply as you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

1. Impact play discipline

Do you like using paddles during your sexual encounters? Or maybe you prefer to go for a whip or flogger in order to discipline your slave lover? Imagine if you would do all that as they are being restrained in a straightjacket! Disciplining your submissive lover can be extremely hot so you should definitely give it a try especially when your partner is wearing a straightjacket. You can use any type of impact play toy that you want a there are no restrictions and a jacket like this allows you to go as far as you want. Take into account what your lover prefers too because they might have certain preferences as they allow you to control their sexuality and personal pleasure. A talk before the sex scene starts can only be beneficial to both of you so you shouldn’t neglect that if you want to achieve intense and exciting orgasms along with your lover!

2. Intense sexual stimulation

If you enjoy to see your slave being extremely stimulated and almost led to have an orgasm after another, you should definitely consider doing that as they are restrained in a straightjacket. Use an orgasm belt, dildo or any other form of stimulation including nipple clamps and maybe electro stimulating devices. it matters a lot what you and your lover are interested in when you are choosing the method of stimulation for such a sex scene. You have to be sure that the straightjacket allows you access to the important body parts that you want to stimulate such as the nipples of your lover. It is also essential to practice this intense stimulation session until you are both satisfied but it should stop if you are hearing your lover use the safe word. This means they are not comfortable and you should adjust the sex scene to provide pleasure for both of you.

3. Punishment sessions

Sometimes, you might want to punish your lover in order to increase the sexual energy between the two of you. If your lover is wearing a straightjacket, punishing them will be so much better and satisfying that you could ever imagine. All you have to do is use the desired disciplining method that turns both of you on. If they like impact play, you can always grab your favourite toys and go for that. Whatever you choose, it is essential for both of you to have fun and be entertained. It is also important for both of you to reach an orgasm so try your best to satisfy your lover and they will for sure satisfy your deepest sexual needs and expectations!

Straightjackets might not be the most flexible sexual accessories on the market but they are definitely ones of the hottest that you can find in more than just one case. They tend to empower all the feelings that you and your lover would naturally feel during a sex scene anyway. Your slave will feel more obedient towards you while you will feel more in control not only of the entire sex scene but also of their body and sexuality. You will feel like you are the one who decides when the fun starts and when it stops and it actually is just like that. So, don’t try to refrain yourself from seeing how a straightjacket might change your sex life and how you can make the most out of it by experiencing different fetishes and fantasies! Your imagination might surprise you and you should discover even more intense sensations than you ever had before!

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