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How to Match Your Straight Jacket with the Rest of Your Outfit

If you never used a straight jacket, you should look into not only how to use it but also what to match it with. For beginners, such sexual accessories are weird to say the least. But it would be a shame to not discover all the benefits of using a straight jacket and the amount of fetishes and fantasies you can engage in with such a sexy outfit. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can use a straight jacket to reach the most intense orgasms and what outfits you can match it with!

First of all, you can use a straight jacket if you are a submissive partner in a sexual encounter. These types of accessories are not for dominants or mistresses for obvious reasons. Straight jackets are also excellent restraint systems which makes them very functional on top of all the other sexual benefits they come with. The person wearing such a jacket will not be able to move their arms and even their hands. This leaves the rest of the sexual pleasure they can experience in the hands of their submissive.

If you are the slave partner and you are considering to wear a straight jacket, you might want to mix and match it wisely with other sexual accessories, toys or outfits. You can take it to a whole new level if you combine your straight jacket the stylish but useful way!

Straight jackets go great with many sex toys and accessories. You can combine it with an orgasm belt that your dominant controls in order to stimulate you more and offer you a more intense sexual pleasure. This is a very popular combination among BDSM couples. Also, you can use a pair of nipple clamps if you are wearing a straight jacket that allows you to reveal your beautiful breasts. Some girls get complete orgasms from nipple stimulation alone and if that is your case as well, you will never regret this combination.

If you want to wear a straight jacket in public, feel free to do so! All you have to do is leave the sleeves untied and match it with a sexy latex skirt. If you want to wear pants, you can go for leather pants or leggings and you will never regret it. Wear a sexy top underneath your straight jacket and you have a public BDSM outfit that you can use any time!

This is a time for you to use your imagination and make the most out of your image in order to turn on anyone who lays their eyes on you! If you do have a dominant, add a choker that will give a hint about that. Chokers are a sign of ownership when it comes to bondage and BDSM sexual encounters.

You can also wear a straight jacket with no other item in your outfit. Wait for your dominant or mistress while dressed in nothing but a straight jacket and invite them to take advantage of your sexuality in the best way they can think of. Add the right sex toys around you to sparkle the right ideas in your lover’s mind and you are ready for an exciting evening to enjoy what could be the beginning of a series of fetishes and fantasies.

It would also be best for both of you to have a discussion about such a complex sex scene beforehand. That way you both know what you can expect out of it. Tell your lover what fantasies you have so they are aware of them and they can give you the chance to experience them. At the same time, try your best to satisfy your dominant’s fantasies at a very intimate level. A straight jacket and a good imagination can make up for an impressive sexual encounter that none of you will forget very soon. You will even want to repeat them.

Also, have a safe word or a safe action established before the actual sex scene starts. This will help you a lot during those moments when you need to change the course of events without putting the entire sexual encounter on break. And as long as you will both respect the limits that you know you need to set up, nothing can go wrong!

The way you combine your straight jacket is very important for the type of sexual satisfaction you will achieve. Remember that every successful sex scene has a foreplay and during this phase your entire outfit will be admired and devoured as your dominant will try to get you naked or at least more accessible to their sexual desires! Chances are that no matter what you are wearing, ultimately you will keep only the straight jacket on so it’s best to make the most out of that!

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