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How to Dominate Your Slave while They are Wearing a Straightjacket

If you are the type of dominant or mistress that likes to enjoy new and exciting BDSM fantasies, there is nothing as entertaining as having your slave wear a hot and sexy straightjacket. and dominating them while they are wearing such a sexy outfit can be extremely intense, especially if you know how. Here comes to play the experience you actually have in the matter and how you know how to make the most out of a sex scene. It is important to have a relationship based on a good communication because this will help you establish together what you can or can’t go for in the bedroom which can be very exciting, depending on your fetishes and fantasies but also on your limits. The less limits you have, the better you will be able to enjoy your sex life and reach new experiences. So, if you are in a gap of ideas, here are some great suggestions to help you dominate your slave while they are wearing a straightjacket!

1. Have them wear a mouth gag

Mouth gags are created especially to make submissive partners feel less empowered by their own sexuality. These gags will make your slave feel not only like his preferences don’t matter but also like his voice is not important. Which will help you feel more in control and them feel more obedient to please your sexual needs and fantasies. Plus, you can find a wide variety of mouth gags to incorporate into your sex life from medical gags to bite gags which go perfectly for those who enjoy pet and pony type of fetishes. Use your imagination to make the most out of such a fantasy and see what types of sexual paths it opens for you. Chances are that you will fall in love with combining a straightjacket with a hot gag. To many dominants this is the perfect visual stimulation that they want to indulge into before an intense sex scene so you should definitely give it a try.

2. Use an orgasm belt on them

Orgasm belts are the most popular sex toys when you and your lover are looking to achieve intense orgasms and even multiple ones. All you need to do is have your slave wear an orgasm belt as you are also making sure they can’t move their body because it is restrained by the straightjacket. You can choose to match the colors of the orgasm belt with the colors of the straightjacket and you can even add a mouth gag to make the scene complete. Keep in mind that the more excited your lover is before such a sex scene, the more intense the orgasm that they have will be. So you might want to invest some sexual stimulation in this type of sexual encounter which means that you will have to make the foreplay phase a lot more intense than in other cases.

3. Have them wear nipple clamps

Some straightjackets reveal the breasts area which is perfect if your submissive lover is a hot girl. Using nipple clamps can be a great form of sexual stimulation and it can also lead to intense orgasms if you stay at it long enough. But you can have your slave wear a nice pair of nipple clips as they are restrained in the straightjacket and enjoy the effect that all these will have on them. You will feel turned on by simply glancing at them as this combination is always a successful one. And feel free to have intercourse too because this will give both of you a great orgasm that you will never forget! Using your imagination and creative skills can only work in your favour when you are engaged in such a complex sex scene and you might be amazed at the ideas that you can come up with.

4. Try out impact play

Sometimes, there is hard to find a hotter sex scene than the one based on impact play. Have your slave wearing a straightjacket and discipline them by using the favourite paddle or whip on them. This will lead both of you to intense orgasms that you will want to repeat over and over again! You can also add as many sex toys and accessories as possible and discover what you prefer the most. It might come handy to discuss with your lover if they have any idea as most of the times, the slaves know just fine how they want to be dominated. And you can also enjoy their hot outfit while you offer them a good spanking time and you discover new ways to develop your sexuality and discover more intense sexual sensations to incorporate into your future sex scenes.

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