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Sex toys to use when you are wearing a straightjacket

Straightjackets get to be more and more popular as time goes by and there is no wonder for it considering the amount of sexual pleasure that they can bring to a couple. If you and your lover are BDSM enthusiast, you will simply fall in love with this type of accessory. Keep in mind that straightjackets are made especially for submissive partners so if you are more like the dominant type, you want to save this type of outfit for your slave. You will enjoy it just as much so you can easily consider it a mutual investment. But a straightjacket alone might not be as hot for you and your partner, as a straightjacket combined with the best sex toys and accessories. And if you are a beginner in this matter, you might not know what are the best combinations when it comes to straightjackets and other sex toys. Here is what you can successfully try out without wondering if they will go together or not! All you have o do is keep an open mind and do your best to have as many and as intense experiences as possible.

1. All types of sexual stimulants such as orgasm belts or dildos


If your submissive partner is wearing a straightjacket, you will be able to stimulate them just the way you want by using a dildo, vibrator or even an orgasm belt. Be careful because orgasm belts tend to be a lot more intense and this is why they are usually used during the disciplining sessions. You can take this type of sex scene as far as you feel comfortable too and don’t be afraid to insist on those sexual activities that you notice they bring pleasure to both of you because that is how you discover even more fetishes and fantasies to experience together. Multiple orgasms is a great type of fetish to experience while one of you is wearing a straightjacket. And if you never tried this, you are missing out on a very exciting sexual encounter. Such a sex scene can also be a very intense punishment scene for your slave, if you feel like showing them who is in control of their sexuality and their satisfaction. And you will feel extremely satisfied as well!


2. Hoods, mouth gags, leg cuffs

Since your lover will be wearing a straightjacket, the number of accessories they will combine with that is limited. However, all types of hoods, mouth gags and leg cuffs will work perfectly with your straightjacket. You should however choose colors that blend in nicely together because this can create a great visual effect for both of you. Choosing materials that match is also a very good idea. It is obvious why handcuffs are not something you can add to such a sex scene so if you really want to try a pair of handcuffs, you might want to wait for a sex scene that doesn’t include a straightjacket. Also, take into account the preferences of your partner since both of you need to find the same sexual satisfaction during the intimate encounter. Use your imagination and make the most out of such an experience and your sex life will never be the same again.

3. Impact play toys

Are you interested in impact play and you want to try it while you or your lover are wearing a straightjacket? If that I the case, consider yourself lucky because these two sex activities go great together. There is nothing hotter than spanking your lover while they are restrained in a straightjacket. You can use your whip, paddle or flogger, and if you want to add a bit of visual stimulation, you can always choose sex toys that come in the same colors as your straightjacket. Such a sex scene could be a great foreplay but also an intense sexual encounter by itself. Both of you can reach an intense orgasms during a hot impact play. And if you want, you can also combine impact play with intercourse or sexual stimulating devices. Here it also counts the type of sexual preferences that you and your lover might have and the imagination and creative skills that you possess.

As you can see, straightjackets might seem like they will go with only some fetishes and fantasies but the truth is that they are very flexible sexual accessories. You can adapt them to almost all types of sex scenes as long as the person wearing the straighjacket is the submissive type and enjoys being dominated. Set your imagination free and see where your deepest thoughts can take you as there are no limits to the kind of sex scene of role play that you can enjoy with such a sexual arsenal!

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