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Straight to the Heart - The Beauty of Straight Jackets

Straight to the Heart
The Beauty of Straight Jackets

There is something very sensual about being bound tightly. Your bare skin tightly and lovingly bound…completely helpless. The luxurious feel of losing control. Of giving yourself so completely with total trust over to someone.

It’s very erotic and very sensual. It heightens all of your senses. You begin to feel quivers and shimmers in parts of your body, which you had previously ignored or didn’t realize could feel so good. To lose yourself, to give yourself is a thing of beauty. All of your senses come to life as they are brought to life by the softness of the straitjacket pressed gently against your skin. Feeling much like a lover’s kiss soft, gentle, firm and full of promise. (Wow — is it getting hot in here?)

Imagine being bound so tightly, you could do nothing. You completely rely upon your lover for any type of assistance. No movement is taken for granted; no sigh is allowed to escape your lips. To give yourself so completely is what love bondage is really all about. Very few items allow for this type of ultimate strictness but the straight jacket which is one of the ultimate bondage pleasures. It binds you tightly… It does not confine you but rather awakens all of your other senses. In a straightjacket, a kiss is not a kiss. A caress becomes much more than a caress. Not having the freedom or the ability to move, everything becomes very heightened. Your lover becomes a tower of power over you, bending you their will.

Over the years, I have enjoyed leather straightjackets, vinyl straight jackets, rubber straight jackets and even home made ones made of bondage tape. (That was a VERY interesting night… I may have to tell you about it sometime, but I’m a bit fuzzy on some of the details. hehe!) I can honestly say it doesn’t really matter so much of what they made of but rather what they stand for. Straight jackets are not something to be taken lightly. They are not for the meek — they’re for the bold and the daring submissive. You give yourself in a straightjacket completely until you have nothing more to give. The last bondage frontier has come and it’s a tight, restrictive straitjacket. I mean, YOW, baby!

Complete submission. Your Dom (or Domme, remember, I’m an equal opportunity type of girl!) has utter control over you. You give yourself completely. To me, they’ve become not just another form of bondage and way to be made helpless, but something more mystical and beautiful. To fully trust and allow yourself to escape into someone’s arms as you are fully bound is a great gift. I don’t give myself easily or lightly. Enjoy the submission and the sensuality of it, whether you’re on top or on bottom. Lust over the feel of your lover’s gentle caress while being bound too tightly to do anything other than squirm. (GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr, baby!) I live for the feel of the softness of the material against my bare body and know that it’s only for my lover that I give myself. When you give yourself, enjoy the feeling that only your lover do you trust so completely to give them this beautiful gift of pure sensuality. The straightjacket binds not only the body but your souls together.

What a night!!! Whoooo, baby, I’m dreaming of my little black straitjacket right now…time to make a phone call. hehe!

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