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What Type of Sex Scenes Can Be Empowered by Wearing a Collar

Collars are great sexual accessories that you can use to enjoy an intense and exciting sexual encounter. You might think that wearing a collar is appropriate in almost all types of sex scenes but even if that can be somewhat true, there are still situations in which collars work better than the rest. Here is when you can absolutely count on a sexy collar to make your sexual encounter a lot more intense and exciting than it would be without such a sexual accessory.

1. A hot foreplay

A foreplay should get the sexual energy going between you and your lover and it should get both of you into the mood to explore some hot intercourse. But if you are the submissive type, you should definitely wear your favourite collar when you want to seduce your partner. This will send them the signal that you don’t just want to have sex but you want to please them in some of the most submissive ways. And everyone wants to be sexually spoiled which is why you can’t fail by wearing such a collar. You can even offer them a little sexy striptease dance in which you lose your lingerie and other clothes but you keep your collar on your naked beautiful body at the end.

2. An intense spanking session

Who doesn’t like a hot spanking session with one of those cute yet very efficient paddles? You can wear a sexy collar for such a sexual encounter in order to make your partner feel more in control of your body and your sexuality. And if instead of a paddle, your partner uses a flogger or a whip, the pleasure can be just as intense. Collars are very popular when it comes to impact play scenes as they add just the right amount of submissiveness and obedience to stimulate both partners at the same time. Collar create a great visual effect that your dominant or your mistress will love as they spank or whip you. And if you add a mouth gag to the entire sex scene, you are on for some intense feelings of submission.

3. Pet and pony play, baby!

If you didn’t try pet and pony play, you are definitely missing out on some amazing sexual experiences. You can use a collar with a leash attached and please your partner just like a faithful pet would. This type of fetish goes great with cute and sexy toys and accessories specific to it such as fur tails or bone gags. When you dive into such a fetish, you should definitely get the right attitude and be as obedient as your mater or mistress needs you to be. The more you try this fantasy, the better you will get at it so don’t hesitate to come back to it even if it wasn’t perfect from the first attempt. Couples that are BDSM enthusiasts for a long time might know just what to do to mater this fetish but even as a beginner you can make the most out of it!

4. An orgy

Orgies are so popular because they are extremely hot for all types of people, regardless to their gender or sexual orientation. If you are more the submissive type, you should definitely wear your collar as you go to an orgy. This will allow others to see that you are looking for a master or a mistress ans the right people will approach you as soon as they lay their eyes on you. Wear your favourite sexy lingerie or outfit that represents the theme of the orgy and make sure that your collar is visible enough as well. This can definitely make your look unique and increase your sex appeal in a way that you will simply love as you are meeting new potential partners. If you are a girl, a nice collar can also be a hot fashion statement if you incorporate good enough with the rest of your outfit. Simply use your aesthetic taste and create an image that the rest of the guests will find it hard to resist!

Collars are a perfect addition for many types of sex scenes and fantasies. And even if you might think that they are not the main piece of an outfit, they can definitely add that special detail that your look needs in order to increase the sexual pleasure that you are about to experience. Once you see the potential that the right collar can have over your sexual encounters, you will find it hard to go without it, especially if you are a submissive type of lover. Plus, your partner will be impressed every time they see that hot collar around your beautiful neck!

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