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Why You Must Add A Collar to Your Seduction Game

Collars can be very exciting accessories to complete your outfit with. But they also have an intense sexual effect on your partner and if you know how to make the most out of that, you can take your intimate life to new and more interesting levels. Since they are fashion items, accessories and sexual items at the same time, it might be challenging to find the right type of collar for the occasion. But you can count on the fact that almost any collar you would wear will be sexy on you since they can change your entire appearance for the better!

Collars are more like statements when it comes to the fascinating world of BDSM. Slaves and submissive partners wear collars to show their obedience and their status in the relationship. Also, the partner who wears such a collar is called a collared. As a matter of fact, among couples that are experts in the BDSM field and practices, a collar is similar to a ring given in marriage. It is a commitment that the submissive partner makes to their master or mistress and it also represents deep devotion and obedience. Loaded with such an intense emotional feeling, there is no wonder that a dominant partner will feel extremely turned on when they see their slave wearing a sexy collar.

When you want to seduce your partner, combining a collar with a sexy lingerie might be a great idea to follow. Such an appearance would be a great start for an intense and promising foreplay that can lead to an even more exciting sexual encounter for both of you. Make sure to match your collar with the rest of your outfit and choose a model that also compliments your neck. Nowadays, the market has plenty of collars to offer, some made of leather, some made of a vegan material and the colors and designs that they come in are also very diverse.

As you are wearing the collar, you will silently let your lover know that you are there to please them and offer them the sexual satisfaction that they want to reach. You can use collars for impact play scenes, bondage scenes as well as a wide variety of fantasies. Also, they are perfect for pony play, especially if they come with a leash attached that your lover can use to guide you around. When you use a collar during a pony play session, you should consider to combine with a bit gag that fits the occasion as well. As a matter of fact, for pony play there are plenty of sex toys and accessories to use that will go perfectly with your collar. You can combine it with fur toys and with the right attitude, this might be one of your favourite sex games yet!

As you can see, a collar is one of the best accessories you can add to your sexual arsenal and it goes along with plenty of sexual encounters that you might be interested to experience. A great idea would be to wear it as you go out in a club or to a special event. This accessory can be incorporated with outdoor outfits too and besides the beauty aspect that comes along with it, they will give a hint to your potential partners about your sexual preferences. If a dominant spots you in a crowd, they will get a clue on the fact that you like to be a slave when it comes to your role in a BDSM scene and they will definitely approach you. This can save both of you from a lot of questions and it can make you feel instantly connected to each other, at least from the sexual aspect. If you are a slave or a submissive you should definitely take your collar with you before getting out of the house because you never know what life will bring your way and you want to be ready to welcome it.

Collars are fabulous accessories with plenty of sexual implications but there is nothing sexier than a beautiful, naked woman, wearing nothing else but her favourite collar. This can be a great way to seduce your partner and get them turned on instantly as they lay their eyes on you. If you do a little hot dance as well, it can only bring both of you to an intense sexual encounter that will end in an even greater and more satisfying orgasm. Or even more than one orgasm! So, you should definitely try out the sexual potential of a collar and see what can do for your sex life. Sometimes a small detail such as wearing a collar, is all you need to break that sexual routine that is slowly damaging your sex life!

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