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3 Hot Ways to Use Your Long Hair in Bed

Long hair can make you look extremely sexy in front of your lover. Indeed, hair is an important part of your entire image and it can make a big difference between having a sexy look and an average one, so you shouldn’t neglect it. In fact, long, beautiful hair can increase your confidence and your sex appeal since it makes you look better and feel more attractive.

Thus, it can be a hot sexual “weapon” you can use to turn on your lover in the most intense ways during your sexual encounters.

When it comes to using your hair during sex, here are a few ideas to get you started and encourage you to have an amazing sexual encounter!

1. Use it to stimulate your lover

    In addition to the visual effect your long hair will have on your partner, make sure to use it also during foreplay or even during sex to turn them on and increase the sexual energy between the two of you. Thus, you might consider your hair as a sexual weapon to stimulate your lover in many ways. Gently run your long hair over their soft skin to wake up their senses and give them chills down their spine.

    Your partner will appreciate your sensual gestures and feel even more attracted to you, especially if you are doing this during your hot foreplay session. An interesting trick you can use to make your hair even more efficient during foreplay is to add some perfume to it when you are getting ready for your encounter. The scent will stimulate your lover’s other senses and make it harder to resist your charms.

    2. Try out different wigs

      Wearing different wigs can increase your sexual pleasure a lot during your sex scenes. It is due to the suggestion it creates as you appear to be a different person every time you change your appearance. Indeed, nothing is sexier than a new appearance when you want to increase the passion in your relationship. Try to match your wigs with your sexy outfit if you want to impress your lover and seduce them at the same time.

      ou can wear sexy lingerie to go along with a new wig and even play certain sex games such as roleplays to spice things up in the bedroom. When it comes to roleplays, your wig can become part of a complex costume to make your sexual encounter more realistic and exciting for both of you. Use your imagination and creative skills to appear as hot as possible in front of your lover. Turn them on using your charms and sexual arsenal.

      3. Pull it, baby!

        A great way to use hair to increase the sexual passion of your encounter is by pulling your lover’s hair during a doggystyle position, one of the most exciting positions to try. Hair pulling can also be added to other sexual positions.

        But it becomes extremely hot if you and your lover are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies. Such sexual encounters are based on a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction mixed with just the right amount of pain to stimulate each other. Pulling hair is just the right touch to increase the excitement of a sex scene!

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