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Sexy Women Live by These Easy-to-Follow Rules

Contrary to popular belief, feeling sexy does not simply happen every day. You need to practice it… and practice it until you make it a habit wink*.Of course this also begs the question: what does feeling sexy mean? How can you get there? There are no easy answers here, besides, this is not a one answer fits all question. PS: before you ask, yes, feeling sexy can be an everyday struggle and it is why you need to work on your self-image almost every day…some days more than others of course wink*

For a lot of women feeling sexy also means feeling desirable. So, a lot of confidence involved in this. In other words, to feel sexy means owning your sexuality and your body. For some reason (society most likely), women tend to associate feeling sexy with unachievable standards set by women in magazines. But in reality it is all about the individual experience of feeling proud as a woman and loving your sexuality and all it entails.

Constantly seeing pictures of Photoshopped women in magazines and in advertising has an impact on how women view themselves. Hence, their contentions such as definite ‘I don’t look like this and I will never be able to look like this, so I will probably never be happy’ But the truth is all of this shouldn’t affect women because a) those women are not real b) you don’t need to look like them to have fun and to be happy!

Basically, every woman wants and needs to feel free, empowered and has the ability to do with their bodies as they wish. They want to feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own shapes. Walking around naked is a good way to build confidence in your body. When you let go of any qualms you may have about your own body then you will be able to enjoy yourself more. In turn, you can fully experience your sexual encounters without any worries whatsoever. Remember it is all about letting go and being present in the moment.

Well, yes, it can be hard to get there and it can be quite a struggle to maintain the sensation. But you can get there with practice. It is completely normal to have some moments of self-doubt, but try to augment the occasions when you do feel sexy. In short, do your best to feel sexy more often than you don’t feel sexy at all. You will often need to remind yourself every day to love yourself and every part of your body. It takes bravery to do this, so even more power to you when you get there. Taking the time to feel sexy and remind yourself of all these things is a worthy investment in your personal growth, so make sure to do it often.

Don’t be afraid to drown out those negative feelings and thoughts along with the little voice in your head saying you are not enough. You are a great and special individual. Don’t get too hung up on the things you want to change about your look. Focus on the wonderful things you love about your body. You are a woman and a wonderful person. You cannot expect this to happen all of a sudden in a day. But eventually, you will be able to get there or at the very least get better over time. Embrace yourself every day and reassure yourself as well. Make it a habit, like drinking coffee every morning or washing your face at night. You will need to make an effort. Even so, what better effort is worth it than investing in yourself? Remember the key is to practice some self love and self care always.

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