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Top 3 Considerations When Buying Sex Toys


“All men were created equal” – proclaimed Thomas Jefferson whilst writing the Declaration of Independence. This progressive, enlightened and status quo shattering concept defined a fledgling nation during a turning point in World History. It was such an important concept that as time went on people began to apply the same thinking to other aspects of life – with wildly varying outcomes. These started with more philosophical questions such as: “Was all life created equally?” to more modern orientated questions such as, “Are we equally screwed whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected President?”

With a personal history of exploring the world of sex toys, from collars and cuffs to latex and chains, I applied decided to apply this time tested concept to sex toys. No not sex toys with Hillary and Donald – my goodness what a horrifying and revolting thought – but instead the question: Are all sex toys created equal?

You may think to yourself “oh they are all the same” – or “a collar is a collar” but after exploring the world of sex toys over the years here is my resounding conclusion: All sex toys are NOT created equal. That is quite an unequivocal conclusion to make but let me offer you an explanation why this is the case. Here is what you have to look out for to not make the same mistakes I did when purchasing sex toys:

1. Source

    Always, always check the source of the product or products you are intending to purchase. This is for a variety of important reasons:

    • Shipping – when purchasing a toy are you willing to wait 7 weeks to receive it from the Far East? Arduously waiting as it has to clear US customs, hoping you have the right paperwork? I have had experiences where items have been held in US customs without clarification for up to 3 months! US based store locations are vital towards receiving your items in a timely manner.
    • Scams – If you don’t receive your product from China and the company will not reimburse your money what are you going to do? Unless you are fluent in Vietnamese and familiar with the Vietnamese legal process I think there is more chance of Donald Trump declaring Bill Clinton as his Vice Presidential Candidate than you seeing a penny of your cash again.
    • Quality –Often it is notoriously difficult to ascertain quality of a product over the internet. Especially when viewing a dodgy 1990’s looking website with a quality of written English that much desires left to be – that was a joke….lacking I know but you got it, right? Look for an established, quality website with a track record of great products and outstanding customer service and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    2. Material

      Do you actually know what your item will be made of? I cannot tell you how many times I have opted for a slightly cheaper version of the same item thinking I was going to be getting a great deal only to find out to my disappointment that the item is not at all what I had expected.

      Here is a good personal example to highlight this point: I was looking at length for some good quality, strong, durable, attractive, black leather cuffs. I had searched at length and thought I had found the right ones for a great deal. Four weeks later after they arrived from mainland China…..*sigh*……I eagerly opened my package and at first glimpse I was very happy. As I looked and inspected the cuffs I soon realized they were actually imitation leather (apparently in China this counts as leather) and they were very cheaply made. My frustration became severe annoyance when the straps broke during their very first use (well it was Mistress’ fault really but she didn’t accept that). Not only did this ruin our session, it was a waste of money and a time. The cuffs went straight into the trash. For the record, mistress now insists that we have the Sub-Shop.com Total Control series EVERYTHING.

      If you cannot find the exact specifications of the material and indications of its quality you should run a mile. Leather, real leather, is king for all types of restraints but good quality leatherette is also a viable secondary option. Look for websites who custom design and produce their products, are open and transparent about materials and who have a wide variety of items in every category.

      3. Cost

        We all know the classic old saying, ‘you get what you pay for.’ – Never has this been more appropriate than with sex toys. Remember that even though you think you may be getting a better deal from Bangkok or Chengdu, when you actually account for other mitigating factors the actual cost to you is not even close. Factor in a 4 week waiting period for shipping and the impractical, unsexy and unattractive materials used coupled with the likelihood of breakages and you are way behind. This is not even mentioning the financial cost of re-ordering.

        With so many options available to us today when looking to buy the perfect find sex toys it can often be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. By considering the Source, Material and Cost with every toy you look to purchase you too can quickly become a sex toy connoisseur and unlock the door to your wildest (and kinkiest) fantasies.

        Happy Sexing.

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