BDSM Safety First Guide to Caning Your Sub

Canes are a wonderful piece of equipment usually used in BDSM play. Although that doesn’t mean people who are not so into BDSM enjoy a good caning experience from time to time; I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a few spanks every now and then? And while it is a wonderful experience when is done right, you need to be aware of what to do to have a pleasant experience.

Caning is not one of the most dangerous practices, but it does have its risks. Besides, you want to have a good time, not a bad one. The first thing you need to be aware of is the places your cane will hit.

As a rule of thumb, the thicker the cane, the deeper it will penetrate. This means thicker canes will have higher risk of creating damage simply because they go deeper into the skin tissue. That is why is so important to have in mind what you want to do and where before you do anything; choosing your equipment is the first step towards a successful caning.

With hard canes and strong strokes, you can hit the buttocks (bellow the tailbone), front, back and inside of the thighs and upper back (don’t hit the spine). With light canes and lighter strokes you can hit the genitals (including penis, balls, clitoris and labia), abdomen and soles of the feet.

The safest areas are the ass and the top of the thighs. The other areas I mentioned are more sensitive and you need to be more careful; meaning you need a light cane and a light hand. You should never use a hard cane and a strong stroke on the breasts, abdomen, feet and back.

You should avoid damaging the skin; this means you should be careful about splitting skin and welts. And is always good the practice before hitting someone! You can put some baby powder on a pillow with a dark pillowcase to see how good you are with landing your strokes. You should aim for strokes ¼ inches apart. It’s best to give a bad caning to a pillow and not your loved one!

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