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Why You Should Add Some Pain to Your Sex Scene

Sex is a mixture of feelings and sensations to create enough sexual tension and energy in our body to translate into intense orgasms for the ultimate sexual satisfaction. But the amount and type of sensations along with the intensity of feelings are subjective to every couple and even more to every individual who is involved in the sexual encounter. What is common to all BDSM enthusiasts is the combination of pain and pleasure to lead them to reach such intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction inside their relationship. All of this can bring great improvement to their personal relationships.

Pleasure and pain can be mixed in different ways to reach sexual satisfaction. If you are getting into the BDSM community you will most likely learn to control these two aspects gradually in your favour. However, it will take time to get familiar with the different techniques and sexual toys especially if you intend to fulfil the role of a dominant partner in charge of using these accessories on their submissive. Some couples prefer impact play like spanking, whipping or the use of a flogger of their choice when they want to inflict pain likewise to show their control over their partner. Similarly, the master is also the one who uses such tools on their slave. Impact play can be used along with physical sexual intercourse or separately as part of the preview. However, it can also be a BDSM scene on its own like a punishment scene. Both partners can have an intense orgasm if it is done correctly. Impact play is a popular practice and a great way to mix pain and pleasure at the same time during a BDSM scene. So if you and your partner haven’t tried this so far, you should consider it the next time you get into your bedroom.

For those who are active in the BDSM community, impact play is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mixing levels of pain and pleasure. Edge Play is a more appreciated practice among enthusiasts but it does require experience and skills to put it into practice safely to get a positive outcome. Edge play involves sexual encounters using accessories such as sharp objects so it presents a certain amount of risk. But if the rule of sane, safe and consensual is applied, all they will provide is an intense combination of pain and pleasure to create better sexual satisfaction as well as a great adventure for both partners involved in the encounter. Edge play can also be used with blindfolds, masks, nipple clamps and any other devices or accessories to increase the level of control, pain and obedience during the BDSM scene to generate a greater level of excitement and orgasm.

However, keep in mind you and your partner might not be at the same level when you want to dive into BDSM practices. Thus, you might not be ready to tolerate the same practices simultaneously. If you are the dominant partner then it would be better to get to your submissive’s level especially if you are more familiar with certain practices than they are. From there, the two of you can work your way up to higher and more intense experiences together. Start at a mild level of intensity then see how both of you respond to it. Afterward increase the level of pain gradually until you reach your limits and find new sexual pleasures beyond them. This is what pain does. It gives you the opportunity to overcome your boundaries and discover new sexual experiences with your partner. At times, intense stimulation can also translate into pain but as long as you understand it is only your body’s way of reaching new levels, both sexually and physically, then you should be ready for an intense sexual journey!

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