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The Differences Between a Flogger and a Whip

For beginner BDSM enthusiasts, floggers and whips might seem to be rather similar and finding the differences between them can be a hard challenge. But if you want to become an expert of impact play, you have to learn the characteristics of each of these sex toys and learn how you can make the most out of them during your sexual encounters. Let’s see what are the most important differences between a flogger and a whip and how can you use them in different BDSM scenes according to your sexual desires and fantasies!

1. Firm whips

Firm whips are usually made of sturdy materials with little give. They include canes and riding crops and canes are usually made of bamboo, sturdy material or rattan. They are designed with a flexible piece of leather at the end of the straps to generate a better impact and create more pleasure for both the dominant and the submissive partner. These types of whips are usually used by experts in BDSM practices because they require certain skills in order to be enjoyed to their fullest potential. You can combine such whips with an extreme form of bondage or sexual stimulation according to what you expect to obtain out of such a BDSM scene and they go great with punishment sessions!

2. Flexible whips

Flexible whips are the most popular whips, used by the majority of BDSM enthusiasts when they indulge in an impact sexual session with their partner. They can be single tails whips such as bull whips, dragon tails or buggy whips. There are also quirts that are formed of two or three straps of leather but they can have more or fewer tails according to the model Such whips are commonly used during any kind of impact play and they can be found in different materials and colours, from leather to leatherette. They are appreciated equally by the dominant and the submissive partner and can be the source of an intense sexual pleasure mixed with just the right amount of pain.

3. Floggers

Floggers can be great for erotic domination and even some hardcore forms of BDSM, especially for beginners in such sexual practices. They have multiple tails and falls. They can be cat o’ nine or scourges but also many other types, however, these two are the main popular ones. Cat o’ nine tails is a kind of flogger that has exactly nine falls. The scourge is a great type of flogger for self use, when you want to perform some hot impact play on yourself and it is used for many decades for these kinds of practices. Floggers create a different sensation than whips and they tend to be incorporated into BDSM scenes that imply other forms of sexual stimulation as well. Because they are so flexible, most slaves and dominants feel more comfortable when it comes to using such sexual toys compared to firm whips for instance. You can use a flogger while you stimulate your submissive girl with a nice pair of nipple clamps for example and the results will be so much more intense.

When it comes to using a whip or a flogger during impact play, you might not find the best one from the beginning. It takes experience and several tries to see what suits you and your partner best. Some couples prefer firm whips because they like rougher roleplay or sexual encounters while others use impact play only as a form of foreplay and sexual stimulation. However, no matter what type of whip or flogger you choose to use, they are all great for punishment and discipline scenes and they can be very useful when you want to dominate your partner in a quick and effective way! Mix it with the right amount of dirty talk or verbal humiliation and you will be set for an amazing BDSM sexual encounter!

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