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Your Ultimate Guides to Whips, Paddles, Crops and Spankings

The Truth about Sensation Devices for BDSM Play
Often misunderstood or misrepresented, sensation devices are great tools to add some spice to your BDSM play. Many people associate the word sensa...
Whips, Paddles, Crops and Canes - BDSM Toys for Impact Play
The idea of the erotic impact play can be scary, especially if you have never experienced it before. Erotic spanking or whipping can bring mind-blowing sexual stimulation and pleasure to a whole new level if done properly and in the right circumstances.
Why You Should Add Some Pain to Your Sex Scene
Sex is a mixture of feelings and sensations to create enough sexual tension and energy in our body to translate into intense orgasms for the ultimate sexual satisfaction. But the amount and type of sensations along with the intensity of feelings are subjective to every couple and even more to every individual who is involved in the sexual encounter.
Whipping Techniques You Should Know About
Ok, so now you know all about whips, it is time to get cracking…literally. *wink* But before you start doing anything it is important for you to read all about the different kind of whips and their materials so you can figure out which one is the most appropriate for you and your partner. Assuming you have all of this figured out, let’s take a look at how to use them.
New to BDSM – Spanking
Spanking can be extremely fun when done properly; the good news is there are plenty of options for everyone. Spanks are so arousing because they increase blood flow to the area, increasing sensitivity and creating a rush of endorphins (happy hormones).
How to Choose the Best Flogger
If you like impact play, then you know what miracles a flogger can bring to a good BDSM scene. Floggers are all the rage within the BDSM community. You can incorporate it in many sexual encounters to satisfy both partners involved in the scene.
Guide to Whips for BDSM Beginners
Whips are a great option if you want to indulge in some spanking fun. You have a lot of styles and different materials to choose from. It is a good idea to be familiar with them before you decide to get one. You will also need to be aware of the safety precautions to take when you are using one.
Guide to Caning for BDSM Beginners
Canes can be very fun if you know how to use them right. They are a great toy to inflict pain and pleasure on your partner at the same time. But before you get into anything with it, you should know the safety precautions. The first thing you need to do is practice.
Guide to Choosing Your First Spanking Paddle
Paddles are something a lot of people fantasize about. For some reason, they inspire a lot of sexual fantasies and if you ask me, it is something you should try at least once in your life (or a thousand, just to make sure you like it *wink*)
Caning Techniques for BDSM Beginners
Most canes measure about one meter, so basically all you need to worry about is how to use them. When it comes to caning, technique is everything. How you hit your partner will depend on what kind of pain you want to inflict.
Tips on Properly Caning Your Sweet Sub
Caning is one the most common pleasurable aspects of BDSM. There are a lot of people who enjoy being canned…or use a can on somebody, in the other reverse case.
BDSM Safety First Guide to Caning Your Sub
Canes are a wonderful piece of equipment usually used in BDSM play. Although that doesn’t mean people who are not so into BDSM enjoy a good caning experience from time to time; I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a few spanks every now and then?
Autumn's Bondage 101: Caning Tips & Tricks
A good caning will depend on a variety of factors, but you can always help your case by tilting the balance a bit in your favor. There are several aspects you can control, and as long as follow my advice, you will be known as the Cane Master (just don’t forget to thank me wink*)
The Complete Guide to Caning Your Sub
Using a cane can be something very rewarding. And yes, rewarding for both the person handling the cane and the person receiving the hits.
Be Safe Before, During, & After Spanking Play
Before you go all out and start to spank at your liking, you should know your partner will probably get bruises or red skin or marks, depending on what you use.
Proper Spanking Warm-Ups for You & Your Sub!
Some may say a good spank it’s like a good work out and who can blame them? Wink*. But just as every other extraneous activity or work out, you need to do a proper warm up first; spanking it’s no different in that sense!
Best Positions for a Proper Spanking
Spankings are a thoroughly enjoyable activity, so I can imagine you’re always looking out for different ways to improve them, right? Wink*.
Best Safety Tips & Tricks for a Proper Spanking
The first step is to discuss with your partner what you will be doing and why. If you are doing it as punishment, be clear about why it’s happening.
Guide to Properly Spanking Your Slap Happy Sub
Over the knee spankings are a common request for a lot of people out there…I’m guessing you’re here because you are on that band as well, right?
Autumn's Bondage 101: Get the Right Spanking Tool for the Job
You know how the saying goes, different spanks, different tools…isn’t that the way it goes? Wink*. There is a variety of equipment you can use and each and every one of them will create a different spanking, so choose carefully wink*.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Erotic Spanking for BDSM Beginners
You know how the old saying goes “nothing like a good ol’ spanking”… Am I the only one who has heard of it? Hehe.There are numerous ways you can do one, and that includes the 1 million dollar question: will you use hands or a prop? But in order to get the most out of it, let’s have a look at some considerations to have for the best spanking.
Guide to Sensual Spankings
You have probably heard this before, but I will remind you either way: each spanking is not like the other one, he he.Spankings can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the motives why we do them are never the same. In fact, if we separate the most common types of spanking, we can easily count about 5 categories…
When Does Pain Become Pleasurable
What is it that clearly defines our sexuality? Is it our thoughts, our deeds or perhaps even the delicious sensuality that washes over us in a deep haze of erotic desire? The sexual sensations that transition from pain into sexual pleasure?
Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner’s Guide to Paddling
One of the best things about BDSM, bondage and role playing is that you can take something fun and expand on it to make it better. Paddling is a good example.

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