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Whipping Techniques You Should Know About

Ok, so now you know all about whips, it is time to get cracking…literally. *wink* But before you start doing anything it is important for you to read all about the different kind of whips and their materials so you can figure out which one is the most appropriate for you and your partner. Assuming you have all of this figured out, let’s take a look at how to use them.

Most whips usually produce a stinging sensation and you will feel it on the exterior. The other kinds of these toys can produce a thud and it would feel as if you were being pushed really hard. The sensation will depend on the whip and the technique. Keep in mind, whips can be a bit harder to control and you could end up hitting a place you didn’t intended to. This is why it is so important to work on your technique.

The overhand technique consists of placing the forearm and the elbow in a straight line while pointing to the place you intend to hit. Your elbow shouldn’t be pointing outward; if it is, then your hand will twist the whip. The idea is to keep the whip completely straight behind your back. You should pull the handle for the thong to go above your shoulders. As usual, you should always start slow and build up from there.

The circus crack technique will need some practice. You should start by pulling the whip forward and above, so you can follow it down to the place you want to hit. Overall, it should look like an S. The whip will move over your shoulder in one movement. This is great because it gives you more power and momentum translating to a more intense sensation of pain. Just make sure to practice a lot because this technique is not for beginners.

Lastly, the reverse snap requires the person handling the whip to create a circle with it overhead. Then, they should cut the handle and hit the spot. This movement works great with longer whips but will also be very painful for your partner. So once again, this technique is only for people who have been doing this for a while. Beginners should stay away.

Before going all out to practice, you need to keep some things in mind. Always practice on objects first before you hit someone. Pillows are amazing for target practice, especially if you put a mark on the place you want to hit on them. When you finally hit your partner, always hit them on their back, glutes and the back of the thighs. Never hit the joints like ankles, knees and elbows, moreover, not on the spine, face, neck or kidneys. They need these organs! As for you handling the whip, be careful with its end. Remember it can snap back. If you are not cautious it can hit you right in the face.

Another thing you should always have nearby is a first aid kid when practicing. This kit should have some gloves and cleaner. Before you start, make sure to warm up properly every time. Plus, never use a bull whip if you are just starting out.

Whips can produce a very intense and sharp pain. They tend to cause cuts and bruises on the skin more than any other spanking tools. Most whips are elaborated and made of porous materials so you should be very careful if you plan on using them with different partners. To be on the safe side, you should change your cracker between partners.

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