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Whips, Crops & Slappers FAQ

There are a number of choices in each category here and it depends on what type of feeling you want or would like to give. *g* The feelings can be best described as:

  • «snappy» or «strappy»: Like that of a small belt. Snappy is used to describe a smaller sensation, strappy is used to describe a larger sensation, usually relative to the size of the sensation device.
  • «thuddy»: A heavier feeling, usually combined with a «slappy» or «snappy» feel.
  • «stinging»: Like the feel of being snapped by a rubber band to varying degreesdepending on how it is used.
  • «slapping»: Like the slap of a hand, (but limited to the area covered by thedevice) .
  • «whacking»: The feeling of a broad area being struck at once. Much like a spanking, usually a feeling derived from paddles or whips withlarger tails.

Each of my sensation toys has, in it’s description, a short explanation of what kind of feel you can expect from that toy. It also carries a «Strictness Rating» which is typically dependent on how the toy is used. The best advice we can offer here is 'Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Some things for the dominant to consider when purchasing a sensation toy is how it will be used, how experienced you are with whips, crops, paddles, etc. as well as how experienced your submissive is and what types of sensations they like, or are willing to submit to. While some may enjoy a whack from a paddle, a sharp snap from a rubber whip might not be their thing. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t try to work towards a mutual agreement towards each other’s desires and a little training to get your submissive to enjoy playing with a toy they never thought they’d like. In fact, there are lots of things I never thought I’d like that I really enjoy now… I mean REALLY enjoy!

A few pointers on using your new toy:

For best results, try using your new whip on a pillow to practice your aim. To determine feel, use it on the more sensitive inside portion of your arm. There are a few areas to avoid when using a whip, crop or paddle. These include the neck and face and you should also avoid any hard hits to the lower portions of the back where the kidneys are located. The best places are usually the shoulders (mmmmm), the butt (especially the fleshy portion where the bottom meets the back of the thigh, known affectionately by submissives and dominants alike as the «sweet spot»), and the backs of the thighs.

Favorites vary among individuals, but the breasts and pubic areas can also be fun with whips that are not too heavy. (Unless you like that type of thing!) Most importantly, if it’s something you’ve never used before, be careful, take your time and discuss the types of things you both find exciting and pleasurable. It’s always a good idea to take some pointers from those who know… you can check out my selection of books regarding safe play and the proper use of toys like these. I’d suggest SM101 as a title that will give you good information on not only sensation toys, but many other aspects of BDSM. It may seem silly when you’re doing it, but it’s very good to practice on a pillow! Concentrate on your aim and control by trying to hit the same spot over and over. If it’s a feather pillow, concentrate on your control by not making too much of an indentation in the pillow.

I carry whips made from kidskin leather, suede leather, latex, rubber, pvc, nylon and more. If you have a preference as to material, this makes your decision that much easier. Different materials feel different, so keep in mind what you’re looking for in a sensation and you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

The best type of whip for the inexperienced top is the shorter style that allows for better control. The 12" and 18" styles are great for practicing your «style» and improving your aim. Master likes the 18" whips for best feel and control. The 18" suede whips are nicely balanced to give you a good feel for the whip and the placement of the tails.

Most of the whips I carry are very easy to control with very little practice if only just a few swipes across your arm to get the feel of it. Bullwhips and longer floggers over 24" are more difficult to control.

Control of bullwhips is difficult and most are typically used for decoration and psychological effect. If you wish to use this on your submissive, practice, practice, practice! They are difficult to aim and control and can make quite a nasty mark. (Some subs love this, of course, but safety is the key and knowing and respecting limits.)

Crops are very sexy and offer a different feel as well as much more control than a whip. We love to play with crops. They’re not only sexy to feel, but they make a lovely snapping sound when used. We can’t help but give a few *smacks* with them if one makes our way into our hands. It’s simply impossible not to. If you have one, or have held one, you know what I mean! You can use a crop in a couple of ways. First, you can use it like a paddle, using the contact area straight on. This is great for training when directions are required, telling the slave where you want them or which way to go, such as slaps on the inner thighs to spread wider or taps on the butt for moving along. Secondly, you can use the tip with a flicking motion to «snap» with. With a quick flick of the wrist, make sure that only the tip comes in contact momentarily — a sort of glancing strike. This feels GREAT and is fun to do. As always, practice makes perfect!

Canes are a favorite of schoolhouse fantasies. They are very accurate and easy to use. They provide a stinging feeling and can be very light to very intense. Be careful as with any whip or crop, but canes can raise some pretty serious welts if you use it hard enough (Again, some submissives may love this, but safety is key as is knowing and respecting limits.)

Paddles offer a feel much like a spanking. They cover a wide area at once and depending on the material you choose (wood, leather, pvc, fleece covered), they can deliver a wide range of sensations. Paddles are best in the fleshy area at the tops of the backs of each thigh where the derriere cheeks meet the legs. This «sweet spot» mentioned earlier is one of the best places for any sensation device and is especially good for beginners as it offers a less intense, butt still very stimulating experience!

Very similar to paddles, butt with a smaller, slimmer surface area. Often, slappers will have a split end in which the two pieces slap together making a louder «smacking» or «whacking» sound which is pleasing to the ear (especially for those who love the sound of paddling or being paddled!) This also offers the benefit for the one being paddled to have less smack feel for more smack sound — but don’t worry, that’s not cheating! *giggles* 

Take me to see the Whips, Crops, Slappers, Paddles, Floggers and Canes!

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