1631DL Dark Pleasures Blackline Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps

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These are the clamps you've heard (and seen) so much about, and yes, you do want a pair (for your or your sub's pair!)

Our Dark Pleasures Blackline Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps are a beautifully designed pair of clamps that actually tighten when you pull on them. That means you can pull on them during other play to really send yourself or your sub over the edge at just the right time. Or you can add weights to the chain or simply tie a string to the chain to make them stay put - or else!

The tips have wide silicone pads for comfort - of sorts - and the nipple clamps themselves are very easy to put on. Though they're easy to put on, they're not exactly easy to wear. These provide quite the pinch! Please note that putting clamps *on* the nipple will hurt a lot more than attaching them behind the nipple, or underneath. Plus, clamps aren't just for tits anymore - they're great for clamping, tormenting and sensation playing with genitals too!

From the very moment we added them on, the clover style nipple clamps became an immediate bondage sensation and by far our best selling clamp to date! The Clover Nipple Clamp is the definitive nipple clamp for breast bondage and here’s why….

Firstly, they are very easy to use. You simply pinch the side area of the nipple clamp to open it up and then it encircles and tightens down on the end of the nipple to the area intended.

Secondly, it stays on! Have you ever had issues with nipple clamps sliding off in the moment of passion or when you are having a leg shaking good time? *wink* Part of the bondage legend of the Clover Nipple Clamp is that this a clamp that stays put. The clover nipple clamp is spring loaded so it fits in places and attaches itself to whatever it is you wish to put it on. 

And thirdly…..as someone who not only loves but adores bondage, the Dark Pleasures Blackline Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps are beautiful. From the beautiful black design with the jeweled chain attachment, this is breast bondage toy that is even fit for Christian Grey’s toy box. But really, it would look much better in yours - or on your submissive!

You definitely need a gag to silence your sub and ropeto keep them bound in place.

Dom/mes love them, subs love/hate them, but you've got to admit - they're damn sexy and you really want them! (Oh and PS….some people buy 2 or 3 sets at a time. I have a few friends who use them in “other places” as well. Just let your wonderfully kinky imagination be your guide. *wink*)

Strictness Rating: 4.0

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