Leatherette FAQs: Why Leatherette is a Great Idea


Leatherette is a great idea and extreme fun, especially for couples who travel back and forth between jobs, homes, and vacations. You’ll never have to worry if you leave your product behind.

Leatherette is a good experimental material for beginners in bondage because it is made to last, easily cleaned, and easily replaceable.

Leatherette is “leather-free” and “cruelty-free”. It's an item that costs a fraction less of the real thing and doesn’t come with the guilt!

Leatherette is so much easier to clean and maintain compared to leather; wiping down with water is usually enough for leatherette.

You can get double the quantity for leatherette products compared to only one leather product.

Leatherette can be kept in perfect shape for many years when cared for properly.

You can play all night long in leatherette and be comfortable without worrying about the chafing or discomfort.

Leatherette has a “priceless” look, just like leather.

Hours of play, with minutes of clean up.

Leatherette is cost effective for discrete encounters.

Leatherette is more compact and flexible. You can take your whole toybox as your carry-on when traveling without worrying about extra baggage fees.


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