2201R Cuckolded and Feminized Locking Stainless Steel Male Chastity Belt with Pink Rubber Lining and Steel Ripple Anal Plug

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You've been a naughty, naughty boy. Put this on and bring me the paddle!

Our sexy stainless steel male chastity belt is just the thing for your naughty boy. It encloses his cock and balls with just the tip open for bathroom use and of course, your erotic teasing! The steel penis chastity case attached to the wide steel crotch strap makes this set very strict indeed.

But we're not finished yet, or should we say his butt isn't done yet? Part of this extremely strict chastity belt set is a removable graduated steel rippled anal plug. So, every step he takes while locked in this belt makes him keenly aware of who owns the keys to his pleasure.

The removable steel ripple anal plug measures 4.5" in length and just 3/4" in diameter at the tip plus 1 1/8" in diameter at the bottom ball for easy insertion and wear. Take a closer look at the waist belt lock. It's a large, unique piece and looks like a belt buckle. It is sexy but secure! The waist belt fits anywhere from 24" - 36". The crotch strap is adjustable for the perfect fit.

When the crotch panel and the waist strap are locked, it’s strict and secure. The only way he'll get any satisfaction or relief is with your permission. You hold the key to his pleasure!

But DO NOT lose the keys to this high security keyed tumbler belt lock or else you'll have to cut the belt off. Two keys are included with both the large brass waist lock and the brass padlock to lock the front plate of the crotch plate together. We included some photos of how this lock style works. A small brass disc covers the locking post before you insert the padlock to cover the hasp of the padlock. This looks great and adds a high level of security to make it even harder to get at the hasp to cut it off. We told you this is serious!

Security isn't compromised by the wide adjustability it provides because the screw heads are hidden inside the belt. Once again, when the nylon insert lock nuts are screwed on tight, so there's no removing them without tools. After adjustments for size are made, they won't have to be made again unless you want to, so putting it on is actually quite simple and quick.

A sexy, comfortable soft rubber covers the entire Cuckolded and Feminized Locking Stainless Steel Male Chastity Belt with Pink Rubber Lining and Steel Ripple Anal Plug - from the lower interior of the crotch panel to the waist belt itself. After size adjustments, you can trim the rubber linings to make it seem like a custom-made piece for your slave boy toy. After all, nothing says you care about his enforced chastity quite like the perfect fit!

Remember to select a high quality anal lubricant from our collection for the steel ripple plug. Always clean and dry your device thoroughly after each use and before storage. Don't worry, clean up is a snap after your fun with our antibacterial toy cleaner. Just a spritz and some hot water then you're ready for next time!  

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Strictness Rating: 5.0

This item is made of Stainless Steel.

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