7803DL Enslaved Full Hood with Collar, Zipper Eyes and Mouth

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You'll love the feeling of full and complete enslavement you get while wearing this (actually very comfortable) full bondage hood.

Our Enslaved Full Hood with Collar, Zipper Eyes and Mouth packs a lot of fun into a soft, beautiful leatherette package. Which is to say, you’ll be turned into a sweet little package when you wear this delightfully wicked hood! The hood laces in back for a nice fit and the buckling posture collar strap even has a large D-Ring attached to the front for all your leash and leading fun and two more on the sides to attach wrist cuffs (or ankle cuffs - how flexible are you?).

The eyes and mouth are outfitted with sexy zippers, allowing you to decide how much you want your slave to see, or if you want to put ... ahem, *something* in their mouth.  Well, I can understand that, but why would  want their eyes unzipped? Oh, that’s right - because you want them to see the toys you’re bringing out to play with to make them shiver in anticipation! Or just keep the eyes zipped shut and unzip the mouth zipper to use their mouth to make you shiver instead!

Whatever your desires, the Enslaved Full Hood with Collar, Zipper Eyes and Mouth has you covered - completely! It’s even got a three D-rings on the collar to restraint your lover or lovingly lead them further into *trouble*.

You're going to love our matchingBlack Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

The 2.5" tall collar fits up to 18".

Please note, as this is a PVC item, it not only costs far less than leather, it is designed to beautifully and erotically restrain and will not withstand heavy struggling or stresses or strains on the material. It's a great way to play for less!

Strictness Rating:   3.50

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