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5750A-GAG Wrap-Sure Self Adhesive Gag Wrap, Purple

Mmmmmpphh!! MMMMPPPHHHH!!

Go ahead, but that's about as good as you'll be able to say when our amazing Wrap-Sure Self Adhesive White Bondage Gag Wrap in purple covers your mouth. Dom/mes, you can fill your sub's mouth with a gag of your choice before wrapping and making this the most effective version of a gag ever in history! Honestly, this stretchy wrap made me feel like my mouth was welded shut!

It's comfortable yet completely inescapable. Master also used it as a hood and I could hardly believe how sexy it felt to be all wrapped up like a gift for him. I couldn't even twitch a muscle in it! Its stretchiness is the key to its effectiveness. It stretches but once it's stuck to itself after wrapping it around a couple of times, you're trapped. Seriously.

Our quality self-adhesive wrap sticks to itself without sticking to skin or hair! Use it as a gag wrap for your collared slave, make a hood out of it or an armbinder. The possibilities are practically endless!

While your sub's moans are muffled, you could try placing a vibrating toy between their legs like, a wand style vibrator for her or a penis pump or masturbator for him! Remember the safety scissors in case of any bondage emergencies. With a quick snip-snip, you'll be free of those wraps in no time.

My Wrap-Sure Self Adhesive Bondage Wrap will not absorb moisture and is both breathable and durable. You can even roll it back up and re-use it several times.

Each roll is 4" wide x 5 yards long. Sold individually. Try it in every color available!