9753A Gold Series Mini Charm Padlocks Pair

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Lock 'em up!

This handy pair of Gold Series Mini Charm Padlocks is just the thing you need for all your locking gear! Don't have any locking gear yet? Well, we've got you covered there too. Your toy box really isn't complete until you have some lockable bondage gear.

These wonderful little gold charm padlocks are all keyed alike so no more fumbling for which keys fit which lock because one key will unlock them all - but the key is all yours, meaning your slave is all yours too, until you let them have the key or you release them.

Just imagine placing your naughty collared sub in locking gear, their body sinfully bound. Trying to break free from these durable padlocks will be futile. It'll be so cute, watching them struggle. Your slave will be the helpless yet willing victim to your erotic whims!

What will you make your submissive do to earn the keys to these pretty little locks?

Each of our Gold Series Mini Charm Padlocks measures 3/4" wide with a total height of 1 1/4" including the hasp and comes complete with 2 keys.

We have lots of fun in store for you from our other collections. We have got the best BDSM toys you need, whether you are playing with others or yourself. Why not experiment with anal or even public bondage? The choices are endless! 

This item is sold as a pair.

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