1937DL Leather Ball Stretcher Strap With Weight or Lead Rings, 1 3/8”

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Strap those balls and watch your boy toy squirm as you have him wrap around your little finger.

A simple male chastity bondage gear that you can fit around the base of his penis and have those twinnies separated for some painful sensation. Make him feel that tingling pain when he's blindfolded which can only give you the best opportunity to attach some weights or lead rings as if he's some slave.

Just fit the black leather strap and make good use of the two D-rings attached to two small straps with other bondage gear. You can choose to hang your favorite sized weights or even tie off his balls to a spreader bar, post or furniture leg or whatever sturdy object happens to be nearby.

Make things hard for him, for him to go hard *wink*

Ball stretcher strap measures 1 3/8" in width and 1"  to 1.75" inner diameter, adjustable with snaps. (Weights not included.)

Strictness Rating: 2.5- 5.0 depending on attachments.

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