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636A Locking Slave Trainer Posture Collar


For those of us who love leather, collars, training and attachments of all kinds (and I think that just about covers all of us, doesn't it?), this beautiful Locking Slave Trainer Posture Collar is just what we've been looking for. Let's face it, this is what we've been lusting for!

This tall 3 1/2" posture collar is made easier to wear by virtue of the tapered cut under the chin and over the shoulders, which is a good thing, because once it's locked on, it won't be coming off without Master's key! (Padlock not included, find your new favorite from our sexy styles here.) Still, don't let that tapered fit fool you because this posture collar will definitely keep your chin up and looking in the right direction - straight ahead and up, that is!

Hand crafted with our firm, top quality bondage leather, this collar holds three sexy and very useful Chrome Loops & captive O-Ring hardware pieces to make all kinds of attachments to, from your favorite leash to a pair of matching locking wrist cuffs (or ankle cuffs if you're that flexible - lucky you!) or whatever your kinky mind can come up with. (Oooo, I love that idea! That's a good one - you do have a kinky mind!)

You may have noticed that we've designed this collar with a larger ring at the front. That not only looks great, but allows you - or your Master or Mistress - to fit several fingers through the ring to really get a grip on you and pull on that ring to command and control you. (And if that doesn't make you a little tingly too, you're made of tougher stuff and probably need a full punishment hood!) You're going to love posture training with this wonderful posture collar with it's jingly, jangly hardware. Make your lover the object of your intense lust with this amazing Leather Posture Training 3 Ring Bondage Collar!

Fits from 14" - 18".

Strictness Rating: 4.0

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