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586A Open to the Possibilities Adjustable Mouth Spreader Gag

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You'll be REALLY Open to the Possibilities this amazingly unique gag has to offer. In fact, you won't have a choice!

The double ratchet style operates smoothly and easily. The spring loaded quick release and insertion system makes it easy to use. Simply squeeze the ratchet tops together to release (but not too soon of course).

The two spreaders have extensions going inside the mouth and curve behind the teeth to nestle nicely in place. It becomes darn near impossible to dislodge when it's buckled on. The amazing style of the straps along the cheeks not only looks great, it keeps the mechanism completely unencumbered so the gag opens and closes smoothly. Better yet, these straps are made of our super high-gloss Luxe PVC so it looks amazing. A big PLUS, it wipes clean quickly and easily with a damp cloth, so it's as good as new after even the messiest play times! You can even give it a few spritzes with one of our antibacterial toy cleaner to completely sanitize it. So, it stays fresh and ready always!

The gag opens to a full 1.6" W-I-D-E at 1/8" increments making it very flexible. After all, imagine what you can insert into your lovely submissive's mouth when it's open that wide such as a dildo or maybe a large anal plug. Hey ladies, we haven't forgotten about you either. A tongue fits quite well *out* of this gag too, with plenty of room to move up, down and around....hmmmmmmm (and yes, we know you'll want your sub to make those humming noises too! *wink*)

For those who love control, it's also impossible to not drool in this gag. I've heard being totally helpless and drooling uncontrollably is quite a turn on for Dom/mes (another loss of control for the submissive...I think I'm seeing a pattern here! LOL). It's a wonderful oral play / drooling gag with sooooo many possibilities! I know what I'll be using mine for! (A little honey, maybe some...well, use your own imagination!)

This gag is great for people with small mouths, TMJ, or even those who have trouble breathing through their noses. Remember, you control the amount of spread from 0" to whatever your bound submissive can handle.

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating:  2.5 - 5.0 depending upon adjustments.