7193AR Penitentiary Fully Locking Steel Chastity Belt Harness Set

Make your partner do a little hard time. Literally!

The Penitentiary Fully Locking Steel Chastity Belt Harness Set is a beautifully crafted stainless steel cock cage, belt and combination padlock/cock & ball ring that marks a new era of male chastity with its simple yet functional design. The curvature of the cage allows this to be worn discreetly under loose clothing.

There is truly no escaping this Penitentiary. There's a lot to love here; the cock cage itself is 4" in length along the tube and a tight 1 1/4" inner diameter. There's not a lot of room in there, so don't you dare even try to get erect in this cage! Attached to that is a screw in ball tip. This cage doesn't include a urethral sound, but if you have one of your own, the hole in this ball tip is designed to accommodate one. A tab on the cage allows the cage to be attached to the stainless belt and the padlock itself is also the cock and ball ring!

This beautiful large brass padlock has a party trick of it's own. In addition to being the cock and ball ring, the high security keys work by sliding into the locking mechanism and actually removing it from the body of the lock. This is a super-high security system that cannot be "picked" open or removed without the key. The keys themselves are very high security items which cannot be duplicated. This adds an extra measure of security, but also means "don't lose those keys!" If you do, you'll have one very sad slave boy on your hands.

The stainless steel belts are adjustable for length using a unique tiny screw and nut system which is only accessible from the inside of the belt, again for security. Several extras of these screws and nuts are included in case of loss.

For comfort, a rubber liner is wrapped around the stainless steel belts. The liner is made extra long so once the belts are adjusted for fit, the rubber liner can be trimmed, if necessary, to an exact fit. Additionally, the chain through the crotch is coated with flexible rubber for comfort and hygiene, making it easy to clean thoroughly. 

The rubber pieces are designed to be removed and trimmed to the appropriate length for a "custom" fit once you've adjusted the steel pieces with the included hardware for the perfect fit. The rubber lining is then able to be trimmed to the exact lengths to fit the sized belt. If the rubber linings are slipping or sliding, we'd suggest a few drops of glue here and there (even some double-sided sticky tape!) which will keep the rubber linings of your now custom belt held in just as tightly as you'll be in it!

Two 24" stainless belts allow a fit of up to 48". Each belt portion has holes to adjustment holes to allow up to 32" of adjustments to be made, so this will fit basically any man up to 48" around the hips or just above (not the waist, this belt rides low, on the hips or just barely above them instead.)

What will your boy do to earn the keys to this belt? Well, I guess that's up to you to find out! *wink*

Orgasm control and denial has become far more popular with today's women who demand their man be controlled and ready to please them. Erotic sexual denial has been shown to keep a man's sexual energy and interest at it's peak, resulting in more intense and pleasurable sex for her - and ironically for him too!

Edging is a practice whereby the Dom/me brings the male slave to the constant edge of orgasm and denies that orgasm until she is first satisfied herself, increasing his efforts to please her until he is allowed to cum. When he is finally allowed to cum, which is not always that night because this is sometimes a prolonged tease and denial, it further intensifies the actual orgasm to the point of being absolutely unforgettable. Forget "Tantric" sex, the newest buzz is chastity, edging and orgasm control and orgasm denial!

Two special keys are included with that specially crafted padlock which will make this amazing steel chastity belt quite permanent without it!

Take care to keep your new chastity clean and dry.

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**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

Strictness Rating:  4.5

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