3708RS Please Sir Diamond Blue Locking Hood with Removable Penis Gag and Blindfold

Take your BDSM experience a step further as you enter the erotic world of extreme sensory deprivation and head bondage! Get your very own Please Sir Diamond Blue Locking Hood with Removable Penis Gag and Blindfold for the extra boost of kink you want in your sex life!

Crafted of high quality vinyl PVC, this ultra-sexy gimp mask is perfect for serious slave training and the feminization of sweet sissy slaves! Do you want to know why it's the quintessential bondage gear? Well, this set includes a sleek removable blindfold for visual sensory denial. It also comes with a 4" lockingpenis for all the fun gag play you are going to have with it! If that isn't enough, you should know this hood mask also has hardware rings attached to specific points allowing you to play around with other bondage accessories with it! Imagine fulfilling all your sexual fetishes and fantasies in just one go!

The lace up style back lets you adjust the hood from loose to form-fitting in seconds. It is even designed with three locking buckle straps for total restriction during your favorite bondage role play scenes! Add your own padlock (not included, sold separately) at the back for greater security if you have a naughty slave.

This is ideal for curious cats and kinky bondage enthusiasts with advanced skills and techniques! But don't worry newbies, you can work your way up to this, I'm sure you will *wink*

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all our Blue Leatherette Bondage Gear collection for the perfect match for this!

The penis gag measures 2" long with a diameter of 1.5". The collar can fit from 14.5" to 19.5" with ease while the hood fits up to 29". The mouth area measures 25". The total length of the hood is 13".

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ

Strictness Rating: 5.0

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