1698DL Spandex Open Mouth Trainer Hood with Sewn In Blindfold

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Our Spandex Open Mouth Trainer Hood with Sewn In Blindfold makes sure you won't be peeking when Master wants to play the game "what's in my mouth"!

Oh- MY! This wonderful Spandex Open Mouth Hood with Sewn In Blindfold will leave you breathless in anticipation. Not because you can’t breathe through it, because the amazingly stretchy spandex material is very breathable and very easy to wear.

The light and breathable fabric also means that this is easy for beginners to wear. It’s not just the perfect beginner’s hood, it’s the perfect oral service beginner’s hood!

No, this breathlessness is when your Master or Mistress takes your breath away. Maybe by gagging you through that open mouth hole...or maybe by using your open mouth hole for something ... else (how about a smooth glass dildo to suck on?) *wink* So, it might be a good idea to have your wrist and ankles in cuffs especially when you're getting spanked from behind!

Check out our full bondage gear collection for the perfect companion pieces.

Strictness Rating:   2.0

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