665MH Spread Eagle Comfy Cuffs 4 Pc. Padded Nylon Velcro Cuffs Set

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Transform your boring old bed into an erotic bondage passion playground with our Spread Eagle Comfy Cuffs 4 Pc. Padded Nylon Velcro Cuffs Set. This easy-to-install bondage set is what you need to enjoy a night of fetish and fun in your own bedroom, using the bed you already own!

The Spread Eagle Comfy Cuffs 4 Pc. Padded Nylon Velcro Cuffs Set can be used with any set of four attachment points, like a bed (bedposts or to the feet of the bed) a table, or whatever you have with four legs. The wide cuffs have large and secure velcro closures so this set goes on quickly and with ease. You or your lover are tied up comfortably and easily in just minutes!

If you don't have something with four posts available, use just the wrist or just the ankle cuffs and tie them off to stair railings or...well, wherever your fantasies take you! The straps extend up to 50". These travel well, so these cuffs make any trip a memorable experience.

The decadently padded furry bondage cuffs attach quickly and easily adjust to fit wrists and ankles up to 14", allowing you to explore new positions you never thought were possible. Use your imagination and there's no limit to the fun or amazing orgasms you can have!

You can use this with a durable ball gag to muffle all their sex screams as you have your way with them. Why not make them more helpless than they already are by sensually torturing them while they're blindfolded? You'll find the perfect bondage gear to fit your fetish fantasies from our varied collections.

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 3.5 depending upon usage.

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