7025M Wired for Love Locking Steel Cable Collar

Tell your DDLG daddy to stop thinking about getting a new pet at home when he already got you -- a willing little girl! Ditch the pet shop and go straight to Sub-Shop for a "pet-friendly" bondage gear.

Hot, hot, HOT! This incredibly gorgeous Wired for Love Locking Steel Cable Collar is a must have for any well-dressed (and well-kept!) slave! Your sub will appreciate being the apple of your eye and it shows exactly how much you care for them when you lock them up in a chrome and steel cable posture collar this deliciously sexy.

The padlock is cleverly integrated into the sexy, shiny curved chrome front centerpiece. A hook at the top of the collar and pins down the center ensure that once the padlock is locked, this collar is not coming off without the key.

Brushed stainless steel supports, one on each side and one in the back, keep the gorgeous braided wire "cuff" portion of this collar held up tall all the way around.

This beautiful posture collar is a true statement piece. The statement it makes is that "You are truly mine." Now that's a beautiful statement!

Make your erotic pet play wilder by adding in a blindfold, spanking paddle, and a ball gag to the mix!

Collar is 3" wide and fits up to 17" necks. Comes complete with 3 keys.

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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