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It is Real and it is Spectacular: Finding the Male G-spot

Just as the g-spot in women exists, the male counterpoint is also there… you just need to find it. The thing is, it is located in the prostate and a lot of men tend to hide under the covers as soon as they hear this. Men tend to believe this will be a traumatic experience for some reason…until they try it and see how pleasurable it can be.

The prostate can be found at two inches inside the rectum, as if you were going to the abdomen. This little organ is the size of a walnut and it has as many nerve endings as the clitoris (so you can have an idea about the kind of orgasms a man can have when it is stimulated) One of the cool things about it is men can have an orgasm without touching the penis; men who have had both feel the penis orgasms are more direct while the prostate orgasms are felt all over. So, how can you stimulate that male g-spot?

You can do it on your own or with a partner; but either way you will need to inspect the fingernails and get rid of any dirt. Wash your hands and make sure your nails are short, but if you want to be on the safer side of things just get a pair of gloves. The second step is to be generous with the lube because unlike a vagina or even a penis, the anus doesn’t lubricate on its own.

Now, you don’t want to go too fast so you can’t simply insert something there. You must first begin with an external massage, stimulating the perineum area (the place between the balls and the anus). If you are on your own, lie down and putt your ass over a cushion so you can make things easier. You can also rub some lube and massage the anus to ‘wake up’ the area.

When you are ready, curve your lubed finger and insert it in the rectum. The position should imitate as if you were going to the belly; you don’t need to go too deep, you should feel the prostate around the two inches mark. You should never push too far; instead focus on the pressure that you find works for you and move your finger around those internal walls.

When and if you are ready, you can move up to two tings. The first natural step is to move from your finger to a butt plug. This is good method to make your body get used to the sensation of having something inserted that way; you should always begin with something small so you can move from there as the body adjusts (with time you may need something bigger).

The second step is to simply acquire a prostate massager. The good thing about this toy is that they are designed specially with the purpose of stimulating the prostate in the perfect way, so it is obviously a must if you are interested. You want to get one that has a wide base, so it can be easier to take off.

You should now the same rules for both of these toys apply: never insert it all the way in without some previous preparation. Lubricate the toy and the area and insert your finger before you play with these toys. If you want to increase the sensation, you can always add some penis stimulation to the mix. This will amp up the sensations and will probably help you achieve that orgasm much faster. If you have a partner, this could be easily incorporated to the mix and if you do not, it may be a bit harder but let me know if you manage wink*.

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