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Little Known Sex Facts about Men

You might think men are not so complex when it comes to their sexuality. But you are wrong. It is a fact men have a high sex drive and a great imagination. But they also have a complex body with several erogenous zones. So, it is important to encourage your man to discover and explore his sexuality and fetishes as well as being in touch with his body. Here are several fun facts you should know about men. Some, if not all, might surprise you!

1. They have a G spot too

We all know about women’s G spot and how much sexual stimulation it can give girls of all ages and sexual orientation. But few are aware of the fact men have an equivalent G spot as well, it is their prostate. There are several ways to stimulate a man’s prostate but the best one of them is to use a prostate stimulator. You can buy all kinds of these sex toys on the market. It comes in different sizes and is made of very pleasant materials like high-quality silicone. To start with, you can also use a regular butt plug or dildo to give your lover a comparable type of sexual stimulation before you invest in a more efficient and expensive sex toy.

2. They need a minimum 30-minute break in between orgasms

While women can go on having one orgasm after another, men do need some time in between. After an exciting sexual encounter ends in an intense orgasm for your guy, you might want to give him at least half an hour to regain his strength. This is the minimum of break time you should give him. However, some men might need more time before starting a new sex scene. But with proper and intense stimulation, your guy will be ready for round two soon enough. If you choose to ignore this time off, then you might be disappointed when you find out he is not able to have an orgasm twice in a row without a much needed break.

3. Oral sex increases the size of their penis

Oral sex brings a lot of sexual benefits for men and women. In fact for men, a blowjob might do more than sexually stimulate them. You should know when you are giving your lover a good blowjob you are helping to increase the size of his penis and not just getting him hard for the moment. Constant blowjobs can have a great impact on the size of his penis and in turn bring a long term benefit. It is pretty much like a proper workout for his penis and so much fun to perform it!

4. The Average Penis Is 5.57 Inches Long

All men are concerned about the size of their penis, even if, size doesn’t really matter much for a great sexual encounter. Although some do women have their preferences as well when it comes to this type of measurement. Well, studies have shown the average size for a penis is 5.57 inches. This takes into consideration all the men worldwide. So, the next time you measure your penis, keep this statistic in mind. But feel proud of your penis regardless of what size you might have!

5. Ejaculation is inevitable

Sometimes men can’t hold in their orgasm during an intense sexual encounter. This is why it is not fair to ask them to postpone it so you can catch up and climax together. It is hard to control an intense orgasm. Sometimes men just have to ejaculate when they receive a lot of sexual stimulation. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to slow down your sexual stimulating techniques if you want him to postpone his orgasm, rather than asking him to do so because he has little control in such moments!

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