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Feng Shui your Way to a Great Sex

A good sexual encounter is all about a great sexual energy shared between the partners involved in such an experience. And Feng Shui is all about balancing energy in any room, and can be successfully used to increase the right energy in your bedroom as well. The way your bedroom is organized and designed can have a strong impact over the quality of your sexual life and it can help you experience even more intense and exciting orgasms with your partner. All you need to know are some basic details that you can apply to your intimate place in order to make it not only more relaxing but also more exciting for those kinky sexual scenes that you have in mind!

1. Choose the right colors

A visual stimulation is important. But we don’t talk about a sexy lingerie or a hot costume for your favorite role play scene. The colors in your bedroom are just as important as your outfit and Feng Shui helps you choose the best shades to have an incredible sexual energy. Pink and shades of red are the most popular color for sexual encounters and erotic scenes, but they are also the most powerful ones as well. They represent passion and excitement and are known for leading both partners involved on the way to an increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction. While pink is a more romantic color, used for intimate moments that might not even imply sexual encounter, red is perfect for intense sexual scenes such as BDSM fetishes, for instance. This doesn’t mean that you have to repaint your walls. A simple red rug or some red decoration will be just as effective!

2. Scents are just as important

The way your bedroom smells will have a great impact on your sexual life as well. There are certain scents that go better with a night of hot passion while others are more suitable for romantic encounters. Jasmine is a great scent for increasing sexual energy. This amazing scent is known for increasing sexual interest and is acting as a great aphrodisiac for both men and women. When you practice tantric sex, Jasmine also helps keep your senses excited and makes you be more in touch with your own sexuality.

3. Don’t have sex in your working place

You should have a place for intimate experiences and a place for your working ones. Mixing the two separate aspects of your life will not be in the interest of your sexual life and will actually damage your intimacy. According to the main rules of Feng Shui, having sex in a space that is designed for it, will help you focus more on your sexual life and your partner and will help you release the stress that you accumulated during your working hours. So, keep your sexual arsenal, dildos and electro-stimulating devices or what other toys you have to increase your kinky moments with your partner, away from your office and keep your laptop out of your bedroom!

4. Pay attention to small details

While the big details are important for a successful sex life, the small ones are just as significant and you shouldn’t underestimate their power. Red sheets are a very nice addition to your bedroom but if you choose some soft ones as well would be even better. That will stimulate your skin during sexual intercourse and give you some extra pleasure that might make the entire sexual encounter even more intense. Having two pillows is also important. Not more and not less. This will give you a sense of connection and balance that will only work in the benefit of your sex life and intimate relationship. Even if you sleep alone, having two pillows will make a great difference for your sexual energy and even general mood. You will feel more relaxed and more prepared to indulge in a new relationship!

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