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Everything You Should Know About Wax Play

Wax play is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a nice sensual scene with your partner while adding just the right elements of pain/pleasure and eroticism. Wax play can be done a number of ways safely and without a lot of expense or physical exertion. One way, and perhaps the most common, is to drip wax from a candle onto your submissive. You can also use a paraffin wax with a crock-pot or similar device to melt the wax and use any of a variety of ways to apply it by pouring.

You want to use caution when pouring or dripping the wax so that you do not burn or scald your partner. This tends to make your partner not want to play with you any more in this manner. The best way to regulate the temperature is to hold the candles or wax conveyance at varying distances from your partner. The higher you hold it, the longer the drops have to travel and the more time they have to cool before contact.

One way to add a measure of safety to your play is to test die wax temperature by dripping a few drops on your own wrist or forearm from a variety of heights. This is a good way to make sure that you can come back and play another day.

I would never recommend using beeswax for this type of play. Beeswax burns at a greater temperature than paraffin candles and can cause serious bums. You should also avoid candles with metallic colors as well as scented candles as these burn at higher temperatures also and will bum your partner.

If you use paraffin candles of different colors, you can be quite creative and have great visual stimulation for both you and your partner. Just remember that different colors burn at different temperatures.

If I am going to do a scene with wax, I will take some precautions to assist me with the scene. First off, I will use a drop cloth or old sheet to place under the person that I will be doing the wax play on. This assists me greatly in not having a lot of cleanup afterwards. I am not one that relishes cleaning up large messes after a scene if I do not absolutely have to.

I also have a good sturdy table to put the candles on and I do not leave them lit. I find it safer to light one or two, use them, and then blow them out before putting them down. I don't have to worry about an overzealous partner knocking over a lit candle. It is quite difficult to explain to the fire captain why the house burnt down and why your play partner is covered in wax. I also keep a fire extinguisher handy as well as cold water, ice, wet washcloths and towels. These can come in handy in case of accident.

Be sure to spot test on various areas of the body from various heights. If course there will be areas of the body that are more sensitive to the heat. You will want to adjust temperature accordingly. These areas are also the most erotic and can be quite fun to cover in wax. You can use wax just about anywhere and can completely encase body parts. Newbies can wear latex apparels if they are too uncomfortable at first.

Do NOT drip hot wax onto someone's face. I also recommend that you don't get wax into hairy parts unless the pain is what you are seeking from hair/wax removal.

After you have played with the wax and are marveling at the great colors, designs, and waxed parts, it is time for removal. A lot of people I know, including myself, remove wax with a knife after the wax has cooled. Using a knife to scrape the wax off is almost as much fun as applying it, both for you and your partner. You can also use vampire gloves or a host of other imaginative ways to remove the wax. After the wax has been removed, you will notice that the skin is quite sensitive. This is an opportune to try other types of sensation play. Play safe, and happy Waxing.

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