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13 Ways to Get the Sex You Want Always

Are you getting the kind of sex that you want? Well, why not?

Don't worry. Everyone, both single and married, has been there in their life. Sometimes it seems like no matter how great the relationship is, or even how great the sex is, there is just something missing. We just aren't getting exactly what we want.

It's easy to resign yourself to the way things are and be okay. But what is the point in that? If I didn't get my way at least sometimes, Master would be dealing with a very cranky me. So for that reason, I think it is important that even the sexual part of life be a give and take. That's why you should know just how to get what you want the most. Here are 13 ways to guarantee that's exactly what happens.

1. Ask for it

It seems like a simple solution and truth be told, it is. Many people, especially women, do not realize the impact of simple communication. More often than not our partner has no idea that anything is even lacking. So they continue with what they believe is our ideal and we stay unsatisfied. Open the door to your desires with a little bit of honesty.

2. Games, Games, Games

We are always being told to not play games in relationships. But that advice isn't entirely true. You just have to know which kind of games are the right ones to play. If they involve exploring fantasies and desire, then you obviously can't go wrong.

3. Dress the part

Again we have to go against standard advice. We are told not to judge a book by its cover. But we all do it. And let's be honest, the way you dress for intimate encounters can easily showcase your intentions. Find something sexy that shows your fantasies off in a way that makes them appealing to your partner.

4. Keep the flame strong

Nothing kills an avid and satisfying sex life quite like boredom. If the relationship itself bores you then the sex will do the same. You want to keep up with all of the things that bring you together as a couple. Flirt. Date. Normal couple things.

5. Send sexy pictures

Want to turn on your partner? Quickest way to do that is to give a visual of what it is that they want. Fix yourself up, show a little skin and send them a pic while you are apart. It will get their desire flowing and make you irresistable.

6. Add a sexy message

Sexting isn't just for strangers and teenagers. You can start a sexy conversation filled with virtual roleplaying. Create a fantasy that your partner will be excited to see come to life.

7. Tease

It's really the gist of #2, 5 and 6. You want to build up to receive the desired effect. The best way to build up a lover is to tease them. Talk about what could or will will happen. Make them want it as badly as you do.

8. Give a little

It can't be said enough that life is about compromise. Want a little bondage? Offer up something that you know your partner has been dying for. Watch the fireworks explode when both of you are getting your needs met.

9. Experiment

You may not even know what sex you want. Perhaps you have an idea, such as wanting kinkier sex, but you aren't positive about specifics. Share your desire to try new things and see how it works for you.

10. Buy supplies

Want to try being tied up? Purchase some handcuffs or other binding items. Have a fantasy of spanking someone? Grab a nice belt or other item. Sometimes the visual aid is all that is needed.

11. Porn

Many people get annoyed at the idea of needing porn to spice up a sex life. But it shouldn't be taken as an insult. Much like the supplies you buy, the porn is simply serving as an aid. Try watching things similar to your desires and see where it lands you. Chances are, it ends up turning you both on and making you want to try it out.

12. Confidence

It sounds simple, but it's not. Those of us who are confident in ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality and our fantasies are quicker to get what we want. Why is that? Because we know how to use that confidence to achieve it.

13. Stop settling

It's one thing to compromise. Every relationship requires it. But if you continue to settle for less, you will never achieve more. So stop. Give a little, but expect a return.

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