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3 Lap Dance Tips to Drive Your Man Wild

Men love lap dances, and let’s be fair, some women love them too. It is just extremely hard to say no to such an erotic thing like a lap dance! This type of sexual teasing can lead to a very intense sexual scene afterward. Then again, it can also be a form of sexual stimulation and satisfaction on its own. Many men reach intense orgasms during a lap dance and this can be very satisfying for them and their dancing partners. Orgasms reached without sexual intercourse have a different level of satisfaction and pleasure. It should be enjoyed every now and then. Trying a lap dance scene might be the most intense way to do it. But if you want to surprise your partner, you should know some vital lap dance tips to help you give him the foreplay of his life!

1. The outfit

When you want to give your partner an intense orgasm or sexual stimulation by simply performing a hot session of lap dance, knowing how to do just the right moves and tricks is essential. But everything starts with your outfit! You should wear a highly sexy outfit but one not too revealing for all your charms to show at a glance. You want to let your partner imagine them and discover them as you dance in his lap, revealing everything from the start will kill the fun of it. Try wearing latex outfits like bras and panties and mini skirts or hot dresses to impress your lover during a lap dance. Use a nice perfume to go along with your exciting appearance and let your partner enjoy you until he can’t control himself anymore. Shoes are also very important and you can choose some unique ballet shoes as most men find these very sexy. Not to mention, you can use the shoes during a striptease session with your lover!

2. Use your hips

Your hips are your most important weapon during a lap dance session and there is more than one reason for the power they possess. First, the sexiness is in the way you move your hips during the dance. This can drive your partner crazy in no time and they will not be able to take their eyes off your charming hips. You can wear special panties like the ones with a dildo attached to them or you can skip the panties and give your partner short glimpses of your intimate parts during the dance. Use your imagination and get creative by directing your hips in the right way so he will not be able to resist you! It is a good idea to rehearse a little beforehand by simply watching your moves in the mirror and discover new and exciting ways to dance. This way you will know just the right way to impress your partner and you will also feel more comfortable with your own body. A high level of confidence is crucial during any successful lap-dance.

3. Try the cowgirl position while dancing

Cowgirl position is popular for various reasons! It works great during foreplay and during sexual intercourse. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this position and if you incorporate it into your lap dance, well, your chances of success become even higher. Your partner will love to take a long glimpse at your butt while you are moving those hips and giving them a kinky look. Make sure to look back at your partner every now and then. Giving them a sexy look when you get the chance will spice things up even more than you imagined. It will also create a sense of intimacy to turn both of you on because you can reach an orgasm while dancing too!

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