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How to Have Multiple Orgasms

How many times did you fantasize about having a sexual encounter that can give you multiple orgasms? Probably many, and there are actually ways to achieve that if you follow certain tips and tricks that will lead you on the right path. And this is not just for your own benefit but also for the benefit of your partner who will love to join you in such an intense and exciting sexual adventure.

1. Try multiple sexual stimulation

Multiple sexual stimulation is great for any sexual scene and you can have a lot of fun using different sex toys and accessories along with your partner. You can try nipple clamps, butt plugs and even orgasm belts and you don’t need sexual intercourse to reach an orgasm or in this case, many! Men are intensively stimulated by prostate toys and if they have sexual intercourse while wearing one they are most likely to reach multiple orgasms during the same sex scene. You can also give them a blowjob to lead them to it! Use your imagination and creative skills to discover new and exciting ways to please each other in the bedroom and try to stay connected sexually at all times. If you keep your focus on each other both of you will be intensively satisfied by the end of the sex scene and you might even discover new sexual pleasures and fetishes to add to your favorite practices.

2. Dirty talk during intercourse

There is a lot of power in your words and you should use this power especially during your sexual encounters. There are more levels of dirty talk. You can start soft and naughty and get to the verbal humiliation level. When you use dirty talk during sexual intercourse and sexual stimulation, you will sparkle your partner’s imagination and that will contribute significantly to a multiple orgasm ending. Dirty talk can excite one’s mind just how sexual intercourse can excite their body and if you touch them in an erotic way while you are doing this, there is no way to fail. Let go of your inhibitions and lead your lover to an amazing sexual satisfaction! And using dirty words will also increase your sex drive as well and make you feel more excited until you will have just as an intense sexual stimulation as they do.

3. Change your positions often

Missionary position can be hot and it definitely has its benefits for a relationship but there are so many other positions to try that it would be a shame to just limit at that. You can try doggy style, blowjob or the famous 69 and even different types of bondage sex scenes. But to make your sexual encounter even better and spice things up as much as you can, try changing the sex positions as often as you can in order to experience more sensations and different levels of sexual stimulation. This will lead both of you to multiple orgasms especially if you add some sexual stimulation to the entire intimate encounter. Don’t be afraid to switch positions and suggest new things during your sex scene. After all, sex is about imagination and spontaneous desires and you might crave something right in the middle of your sexual intercourse. In such cases you should go for it.

Multiple orgasms can be highly exciting but try not to aim for this type of complex sexual encounters too often. Not because it wouldn’t be good but because you will not be able to enjoy regular sex scenes just as much and you might not always have time to indulge in a developed sex scene. Quickies have their charm too and so do romantic sexual encounters and for a happy and healthy relationship, you should be able to enjoy all types of sex just as much and be able to find satisfaction in being with your lover!

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