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Sex Surprises for Special Occasions

There is nothing like a sexy surprise to give your lover like an unforgettable night when you celebrate your anniversary or for a special holiday and even when there is no special occasion. You can make from an ordinary night a really amazing one by simply setting up a wonderful and unique sexual encounter to stimulate your lover and give both of you some pleasure! But if you are a beginner at this, you might not know where to start or how to take care of the entire scene so that it will be a perfect one for both of you. We know how important intimacy is in a couple and also, that it takes some imagination to keep it entertained and exciting so that both you and your partner find the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are aiming for. So, let’s see some useful tricks and tips to set up a great sex scene and surprise your lover!

1. Identify a fantasy

We all have fantasies and you shouldn’t underestimate those of your lover. Especially when you are trying to surprise them! If they are the romantic type, you can always wear a sexy lingerie and keep the whole scene on the softer side! If they are into BDSM, having a rope in handy is a great idea. The bondage community offers a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies that you can both try and just might take a particular liking to one of them. Make sure that you don’t just choose something you like and assume that your lover will like it as well because they might not. And this is a surprise that you are putting together for them! Use your imagination and intuition and enjoy!

2. Set up the room

Setting up the atmosphere appropriate for your sex scene type is just as essential as identifying the theme of your sexual encounter. Make sure you take care of the music, scent and decorations. All these aspects can make a real difference in your sexual encounter and they can transform an ordinary sex scene into a mind-blowing one, for both you and your lover. Try to mix up your taste and preferences with your lover’s so that both of you will feel the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are going for!

3. Get your sex toys handy

Any sex scene should be supported with the most appropriate sex toys and accessories. Get the basic toys like dildos and nipple clamps but don’t forget the fancy ones like handcuffs or dildo panties. The more sex toys and accessories that you have in your room, the better you will enjoy the sex scene! Not to mention that you can get creative when it comes to stimulating yourself and your lover. The best accessory you can have during a hot sex scene remains your own imagination. And your lover will be more than happy to join you in this new sexual adventure. Add some dirty talk to the entire sex scene and you will be on a path of incredible success! As long as both you and your lover enjoy the sex scene, everything is allowed and experimenting new sex positions or toys can be very exciting for a couple! Variety is part of any happy and healthy relationship, so don’t let routine get the best of your intimacy!

It is important to overcome your boundaries and try new things for your sex life and your entire relationship! And your lover will appreciate your ideas more than you think! Who doesn’t like to have a new sexual experience and discover new and intense ways to reach an orgasm? So it is well worth the effort of setting up a surprise sexual encounter with your lover. Not to mention the fun part that can get naughty and kinky fast!

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