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Top 3 Things He Wishes You Do in Bed

Men have untold, lusty desires they wish to fulfill in the bedroom. They might not be very vocal about all of it but they all have. If your partner finds it hard to express his sexual cravings, then you might be left guessing what the best thing is to pursue during your sexual encounter. Most men tend to prefer some common things in the bedroom. Being aware of them, you can surprise your partner with intense amounts of arousal and satisfaction. If you are in a long-term relationship with your partner, you might already know what works for them in terms of sex. You may find this task easy but it is not always the case. If you are wondering how you can increase your lover’s satisfaction during your intimate moments, here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Give him a blowjob

All men absolutely love a mind-blowing blowjob. Some women try to skip it when they can and even the entire foreplay. This is never a good idea as your partner would love to feel the warmth of your lips on his penis. Not to mention, a good blowjob will pave the way to an even more intense sexual encounter and empower their performances, so you can look at it as a sexual investment. You can use several sex toys during the blowjob to stimulate yourself as well, a pair of nipple clamps or a vibrator. Such sex toys will increase your sexual pleasure while your lover enjoys the amazing stimulation given by the blowjob which makes the foreplay a win-win situation. The same result can be achieved by performing a 69-sexual position which would be the perfect way to offer each other some mutual stimulation and can even lead you both to experience amazing orgasms.

2. Be vocal

Being vocal during your sexual encounters can be extremely sexy. This means everything from moaning to dirty talk and even verbal humiliation. It all depends on the type of preferences you and your partner have and your sexual expectations. If you are into BDSM fetishes, dirty talk can come very natural and be a real turn on for both of you. Not to mention your lover will appreciate your imagination and passion expressed through naughty and kinky words. Don’t be shy but don’t add too much pressure on yourself either! The best form of dirty talk is natural and if you don’t find a lot of inspiration in the heat of the moment, you can still be descriptive and let your partner know how you are feeling while they are touching you or how you would like them to stimulate you. Men tend to like women who know what they want so don’t be afraid to speak up your mind!

3. Be spontaneous

Spontaneous women are a turn on for every man on the planet. Don’t let him do all the work during your sex scenes. Don’t be afraid to change positions or add new sex toys in the middle of the action to increase your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. If you are into anal sex too, add a butt plug to your sex scene and enjoy your lover’s passion as he sees you doing it. You can even direct your partner into anal sex and encourage them to touch certain zones of your excited body. By doing so, you will increase your sexual pleasure and make the entire experience more interesting for him as well. He will definitely not know what’s coming next.

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