Top Secrets to Keep Him Hooked and Interested!

If you want to get a guy’s attention you should definitely take into account some tips that can help you out. And perhaps, more importantly you want to keep his attention once you have captured it. A common misconception is that men tend to have a very low attention span, but men and women are quite similar in that aspect: they both like shiny new things.

New things are exciting because we know very little about them, so it makes sense women who are spontaneous attracts a lot of men. You want him to feel like the relationship is fresh, so try to shock him every once in a while. Surprise him by doing things they are not expecting; you can plan something elaborate and fun and surprise him with that for instance. You can also experiment with your looks or wear something different every now and then. The idea is for him to feel like things are never stale.

An aspect that relates a lot with all of that is to learn how to seduce him. This doesn’t have to be sexual all the time, but you want to keep an air of seduction around him: make him work hard to get you.

But at the same time you don’t want to change too much of yourself, so remain true to what you are. A big mistake women make is trying to change their personality according to what they think men enjoy, but nothing can be further from the truth. You can stray a little bit out of your comfort zone, but always remain faithful to your essence.

Men really appreciate when you show interest in the things he likes, so definitely try to get into something he enjoys. Once again, you don’t need to pretend you love hiking if that is not your thing, but try to find some common ground with something you both enjoy…even if it is simply listening to him talk about his furniture building hobby. Men want to spend time with the girl they like, especially when it is someone they can enjoy some common activities with.

Something that gets old really fast is a woman who is overly dramatic. Now, every one can get melodramatic every once in a while, but if you are throwing a fussy fit every week over the littlest thing he will most definitely run for the hills. So in short, don’t over exaggerate everything.

Just as well, men tend to stay away from clingy women. Yes, he may love it when you ask for his help but at the end of the day he wants someone who is independent and can manage just fine on her own. You don’t need to make him feel as if he were the only important thing in your life and as if you were completely dependent on him; have your own thing! Make sure to have a life of your own separate from him.

Looks are an important part of the chemistry between two people, but that chemistry will get you nowhere if you can’t have deep and intelligent conversations. As humans beings we crave communication and intimacy and that is why you need someone you can talk to. I can’t give you a lot of tips on that because it is very personal and it often goes hand-to-hand with intellectual chemistry, but do try to make an effort.

Some women can play the bimbo very well, but keep in mind even if he is attracted to that whole act, it won’t last forever. Nobody wants to have a long-term relationship with someone whom they can’t talk about things!

A lot of women love being a bit flirty with men and that is ok, but don’t ever make him feel insecure about this. Even when you flirt with other men he will need to know he is your number one.

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