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Top 10 Mistakes Women Make During Sex

Women are amazingly sensual and fiery species when it comes to sexual encounters. However, to be able to lure and entice a male partner for sex also requires skill and experience. One mistake can be such a turn off to your partner and may create a long-time impression. On the other hand, a hot and nerve-wrecking sex can create a lingering passion and desire of your lover towards you.

If you are a beginner in the art of lovemaking and seduction, no worries. Here are the most common mistakes females make and why you should avoid them at all cost.

1. No need to be shy

A woman is sexier when she is confident to speak her mind. For instance, if you are into BDSM fetishes, you should tell your lover about it because shyness hinders communication and trust which are very important ingredients in a relationship.

2. Don’t be passive!

No man likes a woman who lacks passionate reactions in bed, try out new positions. Feel free to express your carnality by way of moans, it signals men that they are doing a good job and heightens their libido.

3. Using your teeth during blowjob is a no-no!

In the heat of the moment you might forget that he is very sensitive down there and using your teeth can be a huge turn off since it can be very painful for men. Try to focus on your lips and tongue and occasionally use your hand to excite him during a blowjob but never use your teeth if you want him to enjoy it.

4. Expecting your lover to know what you want

If you want a certain type of sexual stimulation, you’d better share that desire with your partner because there is no way they can read your mind. If you don’t know how to share your fantasies or you are not confident enough to do so, use sex toys and accessories to give your lover a hint. Wear some nipple clamps or bring a butt plug to the sex scene and your partner will figure out what type of sexual encounter you are into.

5. Talking too much during sex

While dirty talk and verbal humiliation can be intense sexual fetishes to share with your lover, too much talking during such intimate moments are a turn off. Random conversations have definitely no rooms during the act.

6. Neglecting yourself

Forgetting to pay attention to your looks and figure should be avoided. Men are more stimulated visually, so you must be appealing to their sense of sight. A woman that neglects the way she looks like will never be able to maintain a man’s interest alive. Besides the basic hygienic habits like showering and having an overall neat appearance, you should try to impress him with something new every now and then. Maybe get a new lingerie or a wig to introduce some mystery into your intimate life.

7. Repeating the same positions every time

Now, all couples have their favorite sexual positions as well as they have their favorite sex toys and accessories. But that doesn’t mean you have to repeat those with no end because it will become extremely boring for both of you. Try to add the element of surprise to each sex scene to keep things interesting.

8. Worrying too much about things that doesn’t matter

Worrying about your hair, your lips, your make up, the position of your body or other similar aspects will never make a sex scene better! Try to be as relaxed as possible and focus on the passion that is between you and your lover rather than unnecessary things.

9. No need to be bossy

Being bossy outside of a BDSM scene might be interpreted wrongly by your lover. If they are the submissive kind and you know that you will share a BDSM sex scene, being bossy is not such a big deal, but in any other types of sex scenes try to communicate with your lover rather than give him orders!

10. Faking orgasm

There are so many ways to achieve orgasm and faking it should be avoided. This is wrong at many levels for both you and your partner. Your partner, in so many ways, will be able to help you achieve a climax, just be honest to him. By faking orgasm, you are depriving yourself the blissful experience of reaching your climax.

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