Top 3 Things to Do to a Naked Man

Your partner is most vulnerable to your sexual intensions when he is naked. Some men like to feel exposed, appreciated and stimulated at the same time. You will also find it very exciting to enjoy every single part of his sexy body. If you want to satisfy your man completely then you should try to mix these three aspects together to give him the ultimate sexual pleasure. So don’t hold back any of your sexual desires when you have the opportunity to explore the excited body of a naked man. Here are some ideas for your sexual encounters when you and your partner have the occasion to enjoy some intimate and exciting moments!

1. Ride him

Riding him is one of the best positions you can enjoy while engaged in some passionate kisses during intercourse. It takes a lot of confidence to ride a man and feel comfortable while you are on top of him. But it should come more natural and you should have less inhibition while you are doing it if you are in a long term relationship with this guy. To spice things up more have him wear a butt plug or a restraint system to help you control and dominate his sexy body. You can also try different bondage styles even if you are not into BDSM practices. Many couples enjoy playing with a rope or some tape from time to time for the fun and excitement such toys and accessories can bring to their sexual encounters. While you are on top of your guy he can also use his hands to stimulate your nipples or fondle your breasts. However, if you have tied him up then you might want to consider wearing your favorite pair of nipple clamps.

2. Take a shower

The second best thing to do with a naked man is to enjoy taking a shower together. Whether you transform this shower experience into a sexual encounter or not is up to you. More often than not, it can be just foreplay for an intense sex scene based on exciting fetishes and fantasies. So, even if it doesn’t become a hot sex scene you can still enjoy some deep moments of intimacy together. Use this time spent in the shower to engage in some erotic stimulation and take advantage of the water running down your bodies. Sometimes events like this can be more intense than the hottest sexual encounter you can think of. It will strengthen the emotional connection between the two of you. Moreover, it will feel like you are discovering each other’s bodies for the first time. You can add some excitement to this erotic moment by giving him an intense session of oral sex. Use your creative skills to make the experience as pleasant as possible for you and your partner.

3. Dominate him

If you are into BDSM practices then the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do to your naked man. Use your favorite form of bondage or have him wear handcuffs and leg cuffs to contain his hot body. When he is at your disposal you can bring to life your naughtiest fantasies and give him an unforgettable sexual experience. Most men love to be dominated as well as feel pain and pleasure at the same time. The trick here is to master the balance between these two elements. Remember, too much pain can ruin a very good sexual encounter. Don’t be afraid to use discipline toys such as whips or spanking paddles to remind him who’s in charge! Mixing some verbal humiliation is also a great idea as well as having him wear a gag and a collar with your favorite nickname on it.

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