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4 Hot Ways to Seduce Your Lover

No matter how long you have been in your intimate relationship, seduction is one of the most important aspects of such a connection between two partners. When it is done right, it will keep the spark of love burning for a longer time and it will entertain a healthy and happy relationship. Without seduction, sexual satisfaction and the pleasure you obtain will be superficial and fleeting. But how do you seduce your partner even after you have been together for so many years and already know all their sensitive points and carnal preferences? It takes practice and it goes beyond foreplay. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way every time you want to impress your lover and prepare them for an amazing sexual encounter.

1. Set up the atmosphere

Before planning any form of sexual interaction with your partner, set up the proper atmosphere. Some candles and arranging the bed in a nice, romantic way creates sexual energy both of you need to enjoy each other during a sexual encounter. If you are planning a BDSM scene, make sure you have all your tools at hand so everything goes smoothly and naturally once you start being intimate. Playing the appropriate music in the background is a great tip when you want to create the sexual ambiance you are looking for.

2. Use the right toys

You might have a certain sexual scene in mind and you want to prepare your partner for it. Some specific toys and accessories are necessary for the successful outcome you are looking for. If you are planning a bondage scene, get your rope, harness or swing ready and other accessories you might need to spice things up even more such as gags and hoods. If you are planning a sexual stimulation encounter, nipple clamps and butt plugs might be very useful for you and your partner.

3. Take control of the sexual scene

If you are the dominant, taking control of the sexual scene might come natural to you but even if you are not, make sure to be on top of things. Try to use your empathetic skills to anticipate your lover’s needs and desires based on how well you know them sexually then try to fulfill them with your well-planned actions. Since you are the one seducing them, you will have to start the sexual dance with kisses and sensual touches. Plus, why not throw in a session of striptease to wake up your partner’s senses for sure! Use the techniques and strategies you know will get them in the mood to have an intense night with you. Don’t be stingy when it comes to giving them those compliments and letting them know how hard it is to resist their beauty and sex appeal.

4. Have a session of aftercare

Sessions of aftercare are especially important after an intense BDSM scene where severe bondage and impact play were involved. It is even more important after a BDSM scene of edge play, by definition; it implies some extreme sexual practices. Seduction doesn’t end once the sexual encounter is over and an intense orgasm is reached. It continues during the aftercare session when your love, romance, and care should come into the light and surround your lover with all of its power and energy. So, no matter how soft or intense was your sexual encounter, it is best to end it with a session of cuddling and romantic words to strengthen your feelings toward each other and erase any possible damage done, unwillingly, during an intense BDSM sexual encounter.

As a final tip, seduction should continue even outside your bedroom, with sweet attentions and gestures throughout your daily relationship. Remember to always show your love and express your attraction toward your partner, in doing so the flame of intimacy will burn bright and work in your favor.

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